Vermont-based BuildingGreen, a multifaceted resource for the AEC industry dedicated to “championing the changemakers in sustainable building and design,” has announced its picks for the Top 10 Green Building Products of 2024. The much-anticipated awards program has been showcasing products that “significantly improve upon business-as-usual practices,” for more than 20 years.

As BuildingGreen’s products and materials specialist Brent Ehrlich explains, the rigorous selection process leverages a “deep knowledge of product innovations and trends as well as our long legacy of systems thinking and our understanding of the biggest problems we need to solve to transform the building industry.” As an independent publishing company, BuildingGreen does not accept advertising or sponsored content and, in turn, is “not beholden to manufacturers” as Ehrlich notes. On the afternoon of January 10, Ehrlich will lead a deep dive into this year’s crème de la crème of green building products during a live “Top 10 on the 10th” awards webinar that’s free to premium BuildingGreen and LEEDuser subscribers. More information on registration can be found here.

Below is a list of this year’s winners, with each accompanied by text provided by BuildingGreen as to why it was selected.

AquaFence Flood Barriers
AquaFence’s deployable flood barriers can be quickly installed to protect buildings, resources, and infrastructure. 

HMTX Industries Mycelium Collection of SRP Rigid Core TPU Flooring
HMTX’s TPU-core flooring can be recycled back into new flooring with no loss of performance, providing an attractive and more environmentally responsible alternative to vinyl.

Lightly Butterfly
Lightly’s Butterfly luminaire uses natural materials in place of aluminum, steel, and plastic and is the first commercial LED product to achieve a Declare Red List Free label for eliminating chemicals of concern.

Maharam was the first textile manufacturer to eliminate “forever chemicals,” used as stain-resistant treatments, from its products. 

Solarcycle Advanced Solar Panel Recycling Solutions
Solarcycle recovers valuable materials from aging solar panels, providing a cost-effective, scalable solution for reducing the environmental impacts of PV manufacturing.

Solid Carbon BioLock Admixture
Solid Carbon’s admixture reduces the embodied carbon of concrete while destroying PFAS and microplastics that would otherwise end up in our drinking water and food supplies.

Trane Thermal Battery Storage-Source Heat-Pump System
Trane uses water-source heat pumps and ice-based thermal storage to provide all-electric heating and cooling that is effective even in cold climates.

Volvo Construction Equipment Electric Machines
Volvo’s electric construction machines greatly improve conditions for jobsite workers and nearby communities while also reducing carbon emissions.

Products from Washbox Global are used to clean construction tools on the jobsite, recycling the water and minimizing watershed pollution.