Ball-Nogues Studio's paper-mached toilet paper lamps at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara in California.

Gone are the days when emerging architects were confined to building houses. Opening this Sunday at the recently re-branded Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB), Almost Anything Goes: Architecture and Inclusivity highlights the many ways a studio can practice in the new century. "We wanted to show a broad sample of all these disparate types of practices," says visiting curator Brigitte Kouo, a designer with a background in architecture and graphics.

Co-curated by Kouo and MCASB Executive Director and Chief Curator Miki Garcia, the show aims to expand the definition of what it means to be an architect today. "[Architects] today are invested in research, in theory, in technology, and in hand-built things. It isn’t just this monolithic career," says Garcia. "I don’t think the general public going to MCASB really has that kind of understanding yet. Or maybe they do, but it’s great to have them see architecture in its most progressive forms.”

The show features mostly newly commissioned and site-specific works from six innovative Los Angeles studios, each with one foot in architecture and another in a separate field. On exhibition is work by Amorphis; Atelier Manferdini; Ball-Nogues Studio; Design, Bitches; DO/SU Studio Architecture; and Digital Physical / Variate Labs. Almost Anything Goes runs through April 13, 2014. Click on the slideshow above for more.