From 1997 to 2010, Berlin-based Barkow Leibinger Architects worked on the master plan and architecture of an industrial campus that breaks down the traditional divide between “blue”- and “white”-collar workers and establishes a flexible blueprint for future growth. Located in Ditzingen, outside of Stuttgart, the expanded and reorganized campus has helped the Trumpf Group become “the world’s leading machine-tool manufacturer” and grow to 7,000 employees around the globe, state the architects. In addition, the company’s recent success at exporting its products has allowed it to weather the current economic storm without laying off any employees, says Barkow Leibinger.

Instead of applying a single corporate identity to the entire campus, the architects imbued each phase in the master plan with a degree of “autonomy” based on its programmatic needs and design expression. They also developed a “soft master-planning” approach that allows the company to adapt to changing needs and future acquisitions while enjoying a holistically conceived complex.

The first two phases, in the late 1990s, involved building a new laser machine-tool factory and then a technical systems facility on the west side of the campus. The new buildings brought together production halls, offices, and laboratories, eliminating the usual hierarchies of corporate rank. In the first part of the 21st century, Barkow Leibinger designed a new Customer and Administration Building, a gatehouse with a dramatically cantilevered canopy, and then a campus restaurant with an attention-grabbing ceiling made of polygonal cells set within a triangular steel frame. The firm also renovated an existing spice factory on the east side of the campus and expanded it.

Underground tunnels connect the entire campus and allow people to move around in all weather. By converting old buildings to new uses, incorporating energy-saving technologies, and applying sustainable design strategies, the architects say they help the company reduce operational costs. And by creating a workplace that instills pride in employees, they improve performance and help the company attract and retain the best talent.

Barkow Leibinger Architects
Schillerstraße 94
10625 Berlin | Germany
fon: +49.30.31 57 12 -0 | fax: -29

Stuttgart, Germany

Completion Date: September 2009

Total construction cost: $194 million

Gross square footage:
964,070 sq.ft. (total planning area:  1,819,100 sq.ft.)


Trumpf GmbH & Co. KG

Barkow Leibinger Architects
Schillerstraße 94
10625 Berlin | Germany
fon: +49.30.31 57 12 -0 | fax: -29

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Principals: Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger

Development Center:
Team [Design Phase]
Heiko Krech [Project Architect]
Martina Bauer, Michael Bölling, Markus Bonauer, Hartmut Kortner,
Christina Möller, Philip Raum, Klaus Reintjes, Henrik Schulte, Steffen Sperle, Jens Wessel, Anika Arndt, Simon Mildner

Team [Construction Phase]
Heiko Krech [Project Architect]
Stefan Felber, Jakob Kartenbeck, Hartmut Kortner, Andreas Lang, Christina Möller, Mathias Olivia, Dagmar Pelger, Philip Raum, Henrik Schulte, Steffen Sperle, Annette Wagner, Tobias Wenz, Jörg Wich, Paulo de Araujo, Frédéric Beaupère, Pia Brückner, Felix Höppner, Zsofia Mester, Fabian Pfeiffer

Team [Design Phase]
Carsten Krafft (Project Architect), Meredith Atkinson

Team [Construction Phase]
Caspar Hoesch (Project Architect), Philipp Heydel

Team [Design Phase]
Jason Sandy, Johanna Doherty,
Christina Eickmeier, Klaus Reintjes

Team [Construction Phase]
Lukas Weder (Project Architect)
Philipp Heidemann, Caspar Hoesch, Christina Möller, Mathias Oliva, Dagmar Pelger, Jason Sandy

Development Ctr:  Structural Engineering:
Boll und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart, Germany; Mechanical Engineering: Planungsgruppe M+M, Böblingen, Germany; Electrical Engineering: Müller & Bleher, Filderstadt, Germany

Campus Restaurant & Events Ctr: Structural Engineering: Werner Sobek Ingenieure, Stuttgart, Germany; Climate Engineering/Energy Performance: Transsolar ClimateEngineering, Stuttgart, Germany; Mechanical Engineer HVAC: Krebs Ingenieure, Ditzingen, Germany; Electrical Engineers: IBB Ingenieure, Berlin, Germany; Management: Gassmann + Grossmann, Stuttgart, Germany

Gatehouse: Werner Sobek Ingenieure, Stuttgart

Development Center:
Landscape: Stötzer & Neher, Sindelfingen, Germany

Lighting: Müller & Bleher, Filderstadt, Germany

Acoustical: Horstman & Berger, Altensteig, Germany

Façade Consultant: Arup, Berlin, Germany
Management | Contracting | Monitoring: Kappes ipg GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Landscape: Büro Kiefer, Berlin

Lighting: Studio Dinnebier, Berlin

Other: Façade: Arup Berlin (Concept) | Werner Sobek Ingenieure, Stuttgart (Construction)

Landscape: Büro Kiefer, Berlin

Lighting: Bartenbach LichtLabor, Innsbruck, Austria

Other: Color Concept: Friederike Tebbe, Berlin

Development Center:
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Amy Barkow
421 Wythe Ave #1
Brooklyn, NY 11211

CAD system, project management, or other software used: Vectorworks (CAD)



Structural system
(Restaurant) steel frame and columns with a glue-laminated wood-cell infill; (Gatehouse) steel construction, 4 columns (two in tension, two in compression) + 32x11 meter (105 ft. x 36 ft.) steel roof; (Development Center) Halls: steel construction, offices: steel construction with pre-cast concrete construction and improved finishes

Exterior cladding
Metal Panel: (Development Center) trapezoidal sheet metal: ThyssenKrupp (underneath) + VMZINC® (visible)

Other cladding unique to this project: (Restaurant) exterior and interior custom tiles, NBK; ceramic, Architectural Terracotta;

Other: (Restaurant) steel frame with a glue-laminated wood-cell infill. Wood-Cells: Holzbau Amann GmbH, Eppingen, Germany, Steel Frame: Winterhalter Stahlbau, Freiburg, Germany; (Development Center) BEMO Systems – Maas Group

Metal frame: (Development Center) SCHÜCO® INTERNATIONAL KG

Glass: (Gatehouse) Glaszentrum Schweikert, Heilbronn

Construction Windows
Double glazing with „Ug-Wert“ 1,1, „g-Wert“ 61%:
exterior 12mm ESG-H (extra white glass)
16 mm SZR (glass stops, black)
interior 12mm ESG-H (extra white glass)
d = 40mm

Single glazing with „g-Wert“ 73%
12mm VSG mit 0,76mm PVB Foil
exterior: 6mm K-Glass as ESG-H
0,76 mm PVB Foil
interior: 6mm ESG-H

Plexiglas Mullion        
Röhm GmbH & Co. KG (by now EVONIK)
Type: Plexiglas GS / XT

Artprofil Lichtschutz GmbH, Stuhr

Plexiglas Arrangement
Birkholz Kunststoffwerk GmbH, Heppenheim
Layered Polycarbonate Tubes

Pulls: (Gatehouse)FSB, Type FSB Serie 1005

Other special hardware: (Development Center) Fittings - FSB, Kaba, DORMA

Interior finishes
Paints and stains: (Development Center) Scala / Brillux

Wall coverings: (Gatehouse)Tiles lavatories 2.5x2.5 cm, turquoise / Cinca; (Development Center) Tiles – colors/Vidrepur, Unit One/Villeroy & Boch®

Plastic laminate: (Development Center) Caoutchouc: Norament 925 / Nora®

Floor and wall tile: (Restaurant)serving area and entrance tunnel - custom ceramic wall tiles: NBK Ceramic - Architectural Terracotta; (Gatehouse) Natural stoneGranit, China, Shanxi Black, mottled, Size ca. 700x400 mm; thickness interior: 30 mm / exterior: 60mm, Besco - Berliner Steincontor; (Development Center) Floor tiles:  Pro Architectura 2200 / Villeroy & Boch, Plural Optima / Agrob Buchtal

Carpet: (Development Center) Strong Modul 961 / Armstrong®

Special interior finishes unique to this project: (Restaurant) screed flooring - BASF Bautechnik GmbH                                                                                                            
Floor structural system: (Development Center)Cooling ceiling: Zehnder, trapezoidal sheet metal (Machine Halls): ThyssenKrupp, acoustical dry ceiling: Knauf

Textiles: (Development Center) Office partition walls: Kvadrat, Antiglare: Silent Gliss®

(Gatehouse: designed by Barkow Leibinger Architekten)

Office furniture: (Development Center) Work Station:   tables: VS-Möbel, Partition walls: Vitra, Apothecary cabinet: Vitra, Sideboards: König & Neurath

Reception furniture: (Gatehouse) Reception desk - glued timber construction, Counter front: stainless sheet 3mm, Countertop: Desk Top® Eleganza 4023 black

Chairs: (Restaurant)Vitra

Tables: (Restaurant)Vitra

Other furniture (use additional sheet if necessary): (Gatehouse)wallcovering - Melanime resin coated chipboard, decor white, laminated with Plexiglas GS003, 6mm; (Development Center) Conference rooms - tables:    Vitra, Chairs: Castelli / Haworth®, Built-in furniture: Zeeb Innenausbau GmbH

Interior ambient lighting: (Restaurant) durlum-leuchten GmbH; (Gatehouse) Mawa Design

Downlights: (Development Center) Mawa Design

(Development Center)
Light canals Office: Siteco
Batten light fitting: Ludwig
Reflector lights: Ludwig
Ceiling light: Sill
Concrete Built-in lights: Selux®
Protecting tube lights: Waldmann
Wet room lights:  Trilux
Furmiture lights: Wasco