Watch as Bruce Fowle, senior principal of FXFowle Architects, takes us on a tour of three iconic NYC buildings and places: Daniel Burnham’s Flatiron Building, Rockefeller Center (for which Raymond Hood led the design team), and 4 Times Square, designed by Fowle himself.

Fowle calls the Flatiron an “inherently green” building and notes that the “character of high-rises dramatically changed” after its construction. In his tour of Rockefeller Center, Fowle says the urban space in the center of Manhattan is the world’s “most elegant, most sustainable, most urbanistically correct complex.”

And speaking about his very own 4 Times Square (aka the Condé Nast Building), Fowle takes pride in how the “schizophrenic” building meets “the extreme challenges of contextual architecture”—and notes that the highly sustainable building was a catalyst for the LEED program, helping to move sustainable design into the mainstream.

Flatiron Building 175 Fifth Ave. (completed 1902/03, Daniel Burnham, architect). [80 seconds.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau
Rockefeller Center Midtown Manhattan (built between 1930-1939, Raymond Hood led the large design team). [2 mins.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau
4 Times Square (the Condé Nast Building) (1999, Bruce Fowle/Fox + Fowle Architects). [2 mins.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau; still images courtesy FXFowle