Janne Kyttanen


3-D Cereal
Photo © Ivo De Bruijn

The future of food is already here. Everyone's favorite bit of technological wizardry, the 3-D printer—coveted by architects for models and others for its ability to extrude raw materials into three-dimensional forms—could one day be the standard in personal and commercial-scale food prep. Or so says Dutch artist Janne Kyttanen. The cofounder of Amsterdam-based, 3-D-printing-focused design studio Freedom of Creation, Kyttanen earlier this year created a series of 3-D-printed prototypes of pasta, hamburgers, and cereal using plastic and plaster. “Technically it's possible now to make prototypes from sugar, chocolate, marzipan, and a bunch of other materials,” says Kyttanen. “It's already happening. Anything you can stack, you can 3-D print.” Bon appetit!