Drewsteignton, England

Jerry Tate Architects


Dartmoor Treehouse
Photo © Michael Smallcombe

The iconic gable-roofed tree house got an update last August as part of Dartmoor Arts Week, an arts-education program in Drewsteignton, England. With carpenter and instructor Henry Russell, a team of university students, and a budget of $900, London-based Jerry Tate Architects crafted a bird's-nest-inspired arboreal perch. The 107-square-foot tree house is composed of larch, spruce, and western red cedar harvested on the farm that plays host to the arts program. “We adults have to crouch on the way up to the nest, but the kids get to go all the way up standing,” says Tate about traversing the bridge (seen here), which leads to a podlike sitting area built for the farm owners' grandchildren. “There's a bit of an Alice in Wonderland effect.”