Division 05: Metals

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Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio
December 2007
In her eclectic collection, Susan Woods often converts abandoned everyday items into functional art. Her Flatweave Tapestry refashions disused mattress springs into free-hanging space dividers, window treatments, retail fittings, and furnishings.

Contrarian Metal Resources
October 2001
Stainless steel is an extremely stable metallic alloy as evidenced by its high resistance to corrosion in many environments. Therefore there is no risk of lead, copper or solvent run off when used in many construction components, such as roofing, exterior wall panels and flashing. Stainless steel is 80 percent recycled. Also, the higher strength and durability of stainless steel, as compared to other metals and organic construction materials, reduces maintenance and replacement resources employed over the life of a building. Because stainless steel is naturally resistant to environmental corrosion and UV stable, there is no need to paint the metal for protection. Many painted surfaces produce VOC emissions. The surface of flat rolled, stainless steel sheet can be mechanically altered to create numerous aesthetically pleasing finishes. Contrarian Metal Resources works with architects and fabricators to bring properly engineered metal solutions to their projects.

Carl Stahl Decor Cable
December 2005
The I-SYS Stainless Steel Fork Bracket, an elegant adaptation of the traditional boating cleat, is manufactured from stainless steel with a lightly brushed finish. Designed for superior weight holding, it is available in two sizes: 6'' long x 1.25'' wide and 10'' long x 2'' wide. The system has a long life, requires little maintenance, and is fully recyclable.

January 2007
DuPont StoneTech Professional introduced two improved stone and tile sealers at StonExpo 2006 that significantly reduce the occurrence of residue. DuPont StoneTech Professional BulletProof Sealer and Heavy Duty Sealer are water-based and contain low levels of VOCs, making them compliant with recently enacted VOC regulations affecting areas in several states including California, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia.

Gage Corporation
December 2008
Made of thin, 50 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum, GageCarve suits various applications including wall surfacing, elevator interiors, and column covers.

February 2008
According to Uriah Bueller, owner/artist of the Boulder-based metal artwork studio UB Arts, the national launch of his company¹s Parasoleil copper shade and privacy panels at last October¹s ASLA conference in San Francisco not only received an overwhelming response from attendees but sparked ideas for new applications as well, such as replacing glass in cabinet doors. Bueller, who has designed furniture, fountains, and custom architectural metalwork pieces for residential and commercial projects, started Parasoleil in 2006 after creating a copper sunshade canopy for a residence in Boulder. With a varied background in psychology, art, and world cultures/religions, Bueller finds inspiration for his designs from student trips he arranges (through a side business) to countries like Kenya, Thailand, and Fiji. Completely mined, milled, and manufactured in the U.S. to limit transportation energy waste, the shades and privacy panels are 100 percent recyclable, maintenance-free, and made from 90-95 percent recycled copper. Available in five standard patterns, the panels weigh 15-18 pounds each after they are cut. An efficient waterjet cutting process allows all of the excess copper to be reused. The 36'' x 96'' finished copper panels currently list $369.

December 2008
With its recessed flange design, the ThermaChannel steel stud reduces thermal bridging and significantly improves the thermal performance of wall assemblies. It can replace standard studs without requiring alterations in framing methods. It is a candidate for one LEED innovation credit.