Division 40: Process Integration

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Living Technologies
March 2000
Living Technologies designs and builds Living Machines, revolutionary natural wastewater treatment systems that accelerate nature's own water purification process. Wastewater flows from a client's facility into a basic anaerobic reactor, much like a septic tank but with features designed to enhance treatment. Without heating or mixing, this reactor acts as a primary sedimentation basin. Solids settle and anaerobic bacteria, which live without oxygen, feed on solids and wastes in the liquids. The reactor is usually buried below grade.

Living Machines
September 2005
Introduced by Dharma Living Systems (DLS) at 2004's USGBC national conference in Portland, Oregon, a new generation of Living Machine wastewater-treatment systems can provide higher levels of water quality, use less energy, and are cost competitive with other wastewater-treatment options. Dharma Living Systems comprises a group of engineers, architects, and ecologists that provide integration services for natural living systems for projects that need water conservation methods to reduce their impact on natural resources. The newer machines require no environmental enclosure, even in temperate climates, and can be integrated into the green spaces of a variety of project scales. The new systems do not use some of the earlier conventional processes like clarifiers or forced-air components, do not produce waste bio-solids, and can withstand large variations of loadings associated with seasonal uses.