Our roundup this month is intended to help expand your material design palette. In material news, Material ConneXion, the New York–based consultancy, has joined forces with MBDC and EPEA to create a platform for developing Cradle to Cradle materials and products. ' Rita Catinella Orrell

Glass gemstones
Gemstone colors, the latest glass product from Nathan Allan Glass Studios, are recommended to be used with Nathan Allan’s original Freeform texture, but can be applied to any of 55 standard textures. Specifiers can choose from a standard color inventory or provide a Pantone number of their choice. Gemstone colors are ideal for applications where backlighting is difficult, including cladding columns, wall coverings, and feature walls. Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Richmond, B.C. www.nathanallan.com

[Reader Service: November 2007 #211]


Satin patina illusion
TCS Satin roofing is a stainless-steel substrate plated with Follansbee’s patented ZT alloy and micro-embossed with a pattern resembling the soft satin patina of pure zinc plate. The fine embossed pattern diffuses the light striking the roof, creating a soft gray patina that usually takes months to develop. The end result is similar to the natural patina of solid zinc, though the material produces superior forming capability and longevity of service. Follansbee Steel, Follansbee, W.V. www.tcssatin.com

[Reader Service: November 2007 #212]


Greener wall protection
InPro Corporation’s new SanparrelGT sheet is a PETG (polyester)-based, rigid sheet product that is intended to be a greener alternative to other non-PVC sheet materials. Unlike products made with ABS or polycarbonate, SanparrelGT sheet offers an ecofriendlier makeup and higher recycling rates when compared to other plastics, according to the manufacturer. The new rigid PETG sheet product has an NFPA Class A fire rating, and comes in 54 standard colors at .040'' and .060'' thicknesses for high impact resistance. The sheet comes in standard 4' widths and 8' lengths. Custom lengths and rolls up to 120' are also available. Inpro Corporation, Muskego, Wis. www.inprocorp.com

[Reader Service: November 2007 #213]

A fresh face for concrete
Designer Alexa Lixfeld experimented with temperature, molds, and the basic ingredients of concrete to create Creacrete, a dense, permanently glossy material that can be less than 3 mm thick. Abrasion- and acid-resistant, Creacrete is an alternative to ceramics for floor and wall coverings, decorative objects, and facades. A cold-casting process—versus the two firings necessary for ceramics—streamlines production, reducing cost and energy consumption. Alexa Lixfeld Design, Hamburg, Germany. www.alexalixfeld.com

[Reader Service: November 2007 #214]