From rain-screen technology and whole house dehumidification to enhanced sheathing and roof underlayment, this month’s selection homes in on excessive moisture and humidity—whether it’s pounding the exterior of a structure or coming from within the building itself. — Linda C. Lentz

Long-term insurance
Named for its ability to endure extended exposure to the elements, Gold Bond e2XP Extended Exposure Sheathing has a coated fiberglass facer or mat and an enhanced mold- and moisture-resistant core. Designed to attach to the outside of sidewall and soffit framings as a water-resistant underlayment, it can be used in both wood- and metal-stud construction, or as a substrate for a number of air- and water-resistant barriers. National Gypsum Company, Charlotte, N.C.

[Reader Service: August 2008 #220]


Up on the roof
Developed to prevent damaging moisture conditions, Delta-Roof underlayments include Delta-Maxx Titan (left), a vapor-permeable and watertight material enhanced with a spongelike bottom layer that absorbs a surfeit of condensation or water to safeguard wood roof rafters and sheathing. Delta-Vents (left) is a multilayered underlayment for insulated pitched roofs that is not only impermeable to wind and rain but permeable to water vapor from inside the house, thus managing its evaporation. Cosella-Dörken Products, Beamsville, Ontario.

[Reader Service: August 2008 #221]


A better backing
To comply with the 2006 international codes for residential and commercial buildings (IRC and IBC, respectively), which do not approve paper-faced greenboard for use in wet areas, DensShield Tile Backer is a glass-mat gypsum panel that can be scored, cut, and installed like traditional gypsum drywall but eliminates its vulnerability to mold, mildew, and deterioration. Additionally, it does not require the use of a membrane during installation. Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Ga.

[Reader Service: August 2008 #222]

Flash protection
Augmented with a Butyl Hybrid formula, BT25XL Window and Door Sealing Tape is a waterproofing membrane notable for its ability to adhere to difficult substrates, such as OSB, among others, and in extreme temperatures. Available in a variety of widths, BT25XL meets or exceeds all building codes, including ASTM 2112. It is also said to be the only flashing tape that has passed the hurricane-level windblown-rain test. Protecto Wrap Company, Denver, Colo.

[Reader Service: August 2008 #223]