This month we focus on the variety of materials available to protect and identify your projects, ranging from a coral-inspired stone veneer to an advanced facade system that integrates technologies from four manufacturers.
— Rita Catinella Orrell

On the road
The Sunrise Mainline Toll Plaza, located on Florida’s Sawgrass Expressway, was designed to be a “showcase toll plaza” by the Orlando-based design and engineering firm RS&H. The plaza utilizes approximately 11,000 square feet of Pac-Clad .032'' corrugated-aluminum panels surrounding 5,400 square feet of custom-perforated and spray-coated .125 plate aluminum, fabricated by Allied Architectural Metals. Petersen Aluminum, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

[Reader Service: April 2009 #213]


Copper cladding
More than 33,000 square feet of .063 aluminum Dri-Design copper anodized panels complement a curved glass facade and masonry accents for the new, 47-story Parkview East condominiums in Chicago designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz. The patented Dri-Design wall-panel system is a dry joint, pressure-equalized rain-screen system. The copper panels feature a hard finish and will not patinate. Dri-Design, Holland, Mich.

[Reader Service: April 2009 #214]


High-rise system
Wausau’s new 6250i-HRX curtain-wall system is designed specifically for the floor-to-floor spans and loads of high-rise construction such as condos, hotels, and apartments. The HRX system is available as conventional curtain wall or window wall or as a composite system that passes in front of floor slabs with minimal clearance between the face of spandrel glass and the concrete slab. Wausau Window and Wall Systems, Wausau, Wis.

[Reader Service: April 2009 #215]

Metallic fiber cement
Utilizing a new finishing technique, Nichiha’s Illumination Series panels offer the luminescent look of metal at a significantly lower installed cost, according to the manufacturer. Made with 20 percent postconsumer recycled content, the 5⁄8’’-thick fiber-cement-siding panels measure 18'' x 6' and come in five shades. A patented hidden clip system does not require special tools or labor for installation, and the panels can be installed on substrates including CMUs, metal studs, and pre-engineered metal buildings. Nichiha USA, Norcross, Ga.

[Reader Service: April 2009 #216]