Among the design features called out in our roundup of new ceilings products are simplified mounting, improved noise reduction, seismic solutions, low emissions, high-recycled content, and even an MRI-safe option for health care. — Rita Catinella Orrell

CurvGrid metal ceilings

Shapely solutions
The CurvGrid metal ceilings (left) from Chicago Metallic are now available with EZ-Flex Panels with integral tabs to allow on-site assembly without special tools, which can reduce installation cost by as much as 50 percent. Also new from the company is the Seismic Separation Cross Tee (right), a one-step solution that meets IBC requirements for separation joints that allow ceiling components to move laterally during a seismic event in suspended ceilings that exceed 2,500 square feet. Chicago Metallic, Chicago.

[Reader Service: June 2009 #208]


MRI-safe and energy-efficient
MedLux XLS II is a recessed, LED luminaire that is MRI-safe for health-care facilities. The new system uses less than 60 watts of electrical energy to deliver 50 foot-candles of light at task level, equivalent to the amount of light produced by a 150-watt incandescent fixture. The fixture does not use filaments, which are prone to early failure due to high magnetic fields, or create radio frequency noise, which may create artifacts on patient scans. Everbrite Lighting Technologies, Milwaukee.

[Reader Service: June 2009 #209]


New, improved model
Techstyle E ceiling panels from Hunter Douglas are the next generation of the company’s Techstyle acoustical ceilings. Retaining the aesthetic and noise-reduction features of the original model (NRC of 0.85), Techstyle E panels offer an improved environmental index and a new snap-on attachment for simplified mounting. The panels also meet the more stringent fire testing of the European market and are Greenguard Children and Schools Certified. Hunter Douglas Contract, Norcross, Ga.

[Reader Service: June 2009 #210]

Single panel option
The Frost ClimaPlus High-NRC/High-CAC panel offers a combination of noise reduction (NRC of .75) and sound attenuation (CAC of 40) for use in open-plan/closed-plan office design. This single-panel solution can be used throughout an entire building to solve the acoustical requirements. The panels offer integral color to reduce the overall cost of ownership, have a high light-reflective finish of .88, and offer zero VOC emissions that exceed even the most stringent air-quality standards. USG, Chicago.

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