Walking the rows of this renowned furniture fair, held this year during an uncomfortably warm week in mid-April, it’s easy to spot the latest work by the industry’s top product designers, many of whom are also architects. For a roundup of the accompanying Euroluce exhibition click here. - Rita Catinella Orrell

Plastic pushers
Made of clear or translucent dyed polycarbonate, Thalya, by Patrick Jouin (top), utilizes a gas injection technique to give the plastic new levels of strength while keeping it lightweight. The Mr. Impossible chair (center), by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, is created by welding a transparent structure to a clear or colored seat shell, resulting in a surprising design effect. Toobe, the company’s first floor lamp (bottom), is made of a PMMA extruded tube. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, the lamp is “faded” through a special coloring technique, allowing light to be diffused within the cylinder. Kartell, New York City. www.kartell.it

[Reader Service: August 2007 #200]


Leather-mesh screen
An evolution of last year’s coach-hide-mesh Loom chair, the Loomy screen is designed by Franco Poli. Two elliptical metal frames hold the coach-hide mesh in place, creating a 3D, self-supporting partition. The screen creates separate areas without obstructing views and is ideal for residential, office, or retail applications. M2L Inc., New York City. www.matteograssi.it

[Reader Service: August 2007 #201]


Leaves and webs
Among other new features, the Storage system by Piero Lissoni and Porro now offers coplanar electric leaves to make the opening movement faster and easier, while new transparent glass leaves enclosed in a thin iron profile allow for clear interior views. Also from Porro is an updated version of Synapsis, a lightweight table designed by Jean-Marie Massaud that features a web of welded metallic tubes that delicately support a wooden top. Boffi USA, New York City. www.porro.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #202]


Origami folding chair
The Isis folding chair folds completely flat when closed, and looks razor thin from the side. It features an easy close system, a natural wood frame, and plywood panels. Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Tolentino, Italy. www.thonet-vienna.com

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Fool the eye

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