With its mix of multinational companies and independent craftsman sitting cheek by jowl, London’s 100% Design offers the opportunity to see both Europe’s Next Big Thing and the latest idiosyncratic products. Following are a few of our favorites from last year’s show. - Julie Taraska

Fire starter
Planika adds a spark to indoor entertaining with the DK 7000, a remote-controlled fireplace incorporated into a coffee table. The flames are contained within a shatterproof glass cylinder balanced on a steel hearth; the latter is coated with a temperature-resistant powder varnish that prevents the transfer of heat throughout the rest of the oak-veneer-and-aluminum-lacquered unit. A liquid ethanol derivative called Fanola fuels the fire. When burnt, the substance produces only steam and carbon dioxide—removing the need to install exterior ventilation or a chimney. Planika Décor, Lyndhurst, N.J. www.planikafires.com

[Reader Service: February 2008 #201]


Through the keyhole
Livalike’s ornate Doretta strike plates add bygone glamour to ordinary doors. The two-piece plastic set boasts an abrasion-resistant glossy coating and comes in cream, green, or anthracite (black). Livalike, Essen, Germany. www.livalike.com

[Reader Service: February 2008 #202]


Flowering floors
One of Britain’s most inventive wallpaper designers, Jocelyn Warner, moves into the floor coverings arena with Bloom, a hand-knotted, 100 percent wool, 6'-square rug featuring a single peony rendered in eight shades of pink and red. Jocelyn Warner, London. www.jocelynwarner.com

[Reader Service: February 2008 #203]


From the forest
The Arborism table’s twiglike steel legs are based on the branch structure of trees. Measuring 2.3' high x 1.6' wide, the piece is available in stainless, black, or white and retails for about $1,380. Nosinger. Tokyo. www.nosigner.com

[Reader Service: February 2008 #204]

Soul 2 Soul
Designed by the British duo Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd, the cantilevered Soul chair is available in a polypropylene shell with different-colored backrests and an optional upholstered pad for its translucent polycarbonate seat. See Web site below for U.S. reps. Allermuir, Lancashire, England. www.allermuir.com

[Reader Service: February 2008 #205]