Monterrey, Mexico

Site Size: 114,000 square feet

Project Size: 10,760 square feet

Program: The MTY house is located in San Pedro Garza Garc'a in northern Mexico, in a partially wooded area that has recently been developed into 107,639 square foot lots and with stringent environmental protection regulations.

Solution: The rocky and varied topography inspired the architects to develop the plan as an orthogonal composition. A series of independent volumes, offset on cross axes, weave through the contours and the vegetation of the site. The different parts of the program are located in each of the rectangular pavilions connected by a long glazed hallway, and separated by outdoor patios. Different materials'travertine marble, wood panels, Corten steel, glass, and exposed concrete' clad the separate rectangular structures.

BGP Arquitectura 
Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta 
calle Ave María 23 
Santa Catarina Coyoacan, 04010
Mexico City, Mexico 
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