Site size: 11,000 square feet

Project size: 8,300 square feet

Program: A pair of houses for two brothers and their families looking to share common space.

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Location: Alongside a golf club and marina in the city of Tepeji del Rio, Mexico.

Solution: On the square site, the architects designed two brick and concrete volumes bisected by a communal deck. While the two houses are unified through their sloping roofs (together, meant to evoke the A-framed roofs of country houses), each features its own unique floor plan.

Both houses, called Dasa and Datri respectively, place the kitchen and dining rooms on the lower level, and the bedrooms on the second floor. The Dasa House on the east provides an additional guest bedroom wing on the first floor while the Datri house on the west features a more open floor plan with fewer partitions.

The brick volumes, perched atop glazed first floors, create dramatic overhangs above the terraces. The deck features a shared swimming pool and grilling area.

Structure and Materials: Poured in place concrete with brick walls.


Completion Date:

September 2014


Gross square footage:

8,300 square feet









Cda. Monte Líbano No.9
Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo 
11000 México D.F. 
Tel./Fax +52 (55) 6268 6508

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:

Senior Architect: Rene Vallejo
Project Architect: Iezid Huizar, 
Design Team: Jazmin Rivera, Delia Cabrera, Alejandro León, Abigail Solís.

With the special collaboration of Lorenzo Alvarez during the design phase.


Interior designer:




Structural & civil:
Ing. Amadeo Betancourt Castellanos
bett construcciones s.a.
P. +52 (55)  5536.1022


General contractor:

Fermín Espinosa 
Factor Eficiencia, S.A. de C.V.
P. +52 (55) 5579.1485



Jaime Navarro


Structural system
System hybrid between reinforced concrete and steel frames.


Exterior cladding
apparent wall brick (Small local producers of annealed brick)
concrete walls (made and cast in place)


Windows & Glazing
Metal frame & Glass: 
Ducasse Industrial Azteca
P. +52 (55) 5716.8630


Interior finishes
Wooden Floor:
Carlos Montiel Perez
Gerard Pisos de madera
P. +52 (55) 5619.3866

Floor and wall tile:
Versitalia - Caridad Bátiz
P. +52 (81) 1366.0582 to 85;;;


Gerardo Davila
City Energy
P. +52 (55) 4168.4970