Lucignano d'Asso, Siena, Italy

Site size: 32,300 sq. ft.

Project size: 6,450 sq. ft.

Program: Renovating an old Tuscan farmhouse into a single family residence using local materials and maintaining its antique character.

Location: The heart of the Sienese Clays in Tuscan Italy.

Solution: The architects sought to reinterpret the traditional elements of the farmhouse, keeping as much of the surrounding land intact as possible. Care was taken to integrate the house with its natural environment, evident in the meticulous choice of materials for the residence.

Construction and materials: Special attention is paid to the materials, and especially with regard to the flooring'such as clay tile on the main living level, and wood planks above. Wood beams are visible on the ceilings and stones are left uncovered in the walls. Steel was used as both a structural and ornamental element. The Cor-Ten staircase lends a rustic feel to the interior, as do walls finished in natural lime that are left unpainted throughout the house.

Ciclostile Architettura
Giacomo Beccari + Gaia Calamosca + Alessandro Miti
Via delle Moline 4
40126 Bologna, Italy
TEL: +39 051 222 076


Ciclostile Architettura
via delle Moline 4
40126, Bologna
phone + fax:
+39 051 222 076

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Interior designer:
Edoardo Morelli

Structural engineer: Ing. Alessio Giammarruto, EN7

Mechanical plant engineer: Ing. Massimiliano Marchesini

Electrical plant engineer: Ing. Luca Nanni

Paolo Pejrone

Fabio Mantovani



Metal frame: Secco Sistemi

Furniture: Sestini & Corti

Interior ambient lighting: Viabizzuno

Exterior: Viabizzuno, Ardissone