It may not be dedicated to housing refugees or reducing energy use or some other high-minded deployment of design, but the conceit for "All that Glitters is Good" is pretty amazing: Make the best architectural drawing using glitter, win $500.

The judging criteria listed on the competition site is also brilliantly straightforward, saying only, "Entries will be judged based on their excellence." That excellence will be determined by a panel of experts on, we assume, both design and glitter, including Kathy Grayson of the New York gallery Deitch Projects, associate dean at MIT's School of Architecture and Planning Mark Jarzombek, and Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG, among others.

The deadline for entries is March 15th. So give your monitor-strained eyes a rest, put on the dance music of your choice—feel free to leave suggested listening in the comments—and start making sexier drawings.

The competition site is here.

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