Does money enable design or entangle it in a sticky web of difficulties? A group of seven "players" and two respondents will address this question and others in a "Design Roulette" organized by Asia Design Forum, a nonprofit think tank. The event will take place at the Shanghai Study Centre of Hong Kong University on September 23 at 6:30 pm.

The cross disciplinary group of players includes Rossana Hu (a founding partner of Neri & Hu Design Research Office), Marco Goldschmied (an architect who runs the Marco Goldschmied Foundation in London and was a partner of Richard Rogers for many years), Paul Tang (who teaches at USC and is a partner at Verse Architecture in Shanghai), Li Hu (a partner at Open Architecture in Beijing, who used to run Steven Holl's office in China), David Nieh (general manager for the developer Shui On's Land for Knowledge Community Developments), Laurence Liauw (who teaches at Hong Kong University and is a partner at the Hong Kong firm SPADA), and Sally Wu (a fashion designer who runs Act 1 in New York). Each player will show five images in three minutes, then be interviewed for seven minutes by one of the other presenters. Then a pair of respondents—architect Zheng Ke from AECOM and journalist Clare Jacobson—will stir up things further with more questions.

For more information on the event, you can check out ADF's website:

Full disclosure: I helped organize the event, along with architect Ken Yeang, and am a director of ADF.