Aarhus, Denmark

On the east coast of the Jutland Peninsula, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has created a striking landmark for Aarhus, the second-largest Danish city: a sculptural white tower cantilevered over the bay. With two observation decks, which can be accessed by an elevator or wide staircase that doubles as seating, it provides different perspectives on the harbor and city—a major center for trade, shipping, and industrial activity. “The tower’s materials and surfaces give it a maritime feeling,” says project architect Noel Wibrand. Large apertures in the white-painted steel plate recall ship portholes, and at night, LEDs illuminate the structure from within as if it were a lighthouse. One of the viewing platforms juts out over the water in a dramatic, origami-like bend. A beacon when viewed from both land and water, the Salling Tower invites visitors to linger and consider the shallows of the Kattegat sea, between the banks of Denmark and Sweden.