Petach Tikva, Israel


The Rabin Medical Center’s 90,000-square-foot Davidoff Comprehensive Cancer Center combines a serene environment, patient-centered care, and operational efficiency in a building designed to fit into Israel’s largest medical campus. The center offers the latest advancements in cancer diagnostics and treatment. As the most comprehensive cancer center in the Middle East dedicated to the treatment of malignant diseases, the nine-story facility consolidates multiple cancer programs, research labs, alternative medicine clinics, and day treatment centers in a tranquil and caring environment designed to foster comfort among patients and staff alike.

Jerusalem stone is used throughout to seamlessly blend the building with the campus’ other preexisting structures including the Rabin Medical Center's Adult Hospital and Pediatric Center. All buildings are organized around a central garden spine resulting in two building facades: street side and garden side.  This duality is heightened through a wide two-story concourse that dominates the building’s interior connecting each entrance to the other, while facilitating pedestrian flow and access to visitor information. Security concerns were an integral part of the design process. To maintain patient and employee safety, a central security post at the entry-level concourse creates an integrated checkpoint providing secure access to all the clinical amenities of the building.
The facility houses two 32-bed inpatient floors, with a majority of single-bed rooms ensuring patient privacy and a comfortable, personalized healing environment.  Lower floors contain an extensive examination suite, a large infusion therapy suite, and a radiation therapy suite with five linear accelerators. An additional floor is dedicated to medical offices, ancillary support, and an extensive research facility.

Since this was to be the first comprehensive cancer center in Israel, the rate of growth of its patient volume could not be determined. Therefore, the capacity to expand the building without needing to build again was vital. A special floor of 'soft' office space was designed between the upper inpatient floors and the lower clinical examination, chemotherapy and radiation therapy floors.  This 'soft' floor can be converted to additional inpatient care or other uses if the patient volumes exceeded operational expectations.

Located just six miles from Tel Aviv, the architectural and interior design team was lead by Perkins Eastman in association with Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz. The design phases were jointly executed with Arthur Spector M. Amisar Planners Ltd. of Jerusalem, Israel, who also acted as Architect of Record, and Lehrman Architects, Israel.


Rabin Medical Center

Perkins Eastman
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Bradford Perkins, Principal-in-Charge
Mary-Jean Eastman, Principal-in-Charge
Philip Monteleoni, Project Director (retired)
Maureen Carley, Interior Design Team Member
Eran Chen, Architectural Team Member

Architect of record:
A. Spector M. Amisar Planners Ltd.
Arthur Spector, Principal-In-Charge (Israel-based)

Design Architect:
Perkins Eastman
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Joint Venture Partner:
Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KLD)
Daniel Fenyn, Administrative Principal

Associate architect(s):
Lehrman Architects, Israel

Interior designer:
Perkins Eastman
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Construction Engineer: Shmuel Angel Engineers

Consultant(s): Due to project location, all consultants are located in Israel. No American consultants were used for this project.

Landscape: Miller Blum Landscape Architects

Lighting: Topaz Lighting

Electrical: Ramor Electrical Consultants

Plumbing: Swartz Mechanical and Plumbing Consultants

HVAC: Noam Harari Air conditioning

Elevators: Lustig Elevator Consultants

Life Safety: Yoav Aldaag

Water Feature Consultant: Wet Design

General contractor

Tsachi Langer

Ran Erde
118 Arlosorov Street
Tel-Aviv 62097

Perkins Eastman
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003



Product Consultants:
JJ/Invision Carpets

Corridors/Wall Protection:


Cabinets and Doors:

Patient Chair Vinyl:

Cubical Curtain:

Interior finishes:
Acoustical ceilings:
Decoustics/Quadrillo and Interlam Inc./Symmetries

Demountable partitions:
Cubicle Curtains by Maharam

Floor and wall tile (cite where used):
Bathroom: Caesar/Tecnolito Porcelin Tile Manufacturers

Shaw Manufacturers

Brayton, David Edward, Pito and Brandrud manufacturers

Architex, and Design Tex