In the spirit of a weekend retreat, Sagaponac House optimizes the relationship between interior and exterior. Within the simple box envelope, modest interior living spaces are wrapped by a generous porch at the southwest corner of both floors. The east, south, and west elevations are clad with wooden slats configured to modulate the summer sun and breezes. On the second floor, the slats are fixed louvers detailed according to solar exposure, and on the first floor, sliding panels of slats can be moved as needed to shade different interior spaces or the swimming pool. Volumes were pulled out of the box to form site elements that are proportionally related to the main house. Trellises for storage and guest parking link back to the stair and entry. The pool mirrors the living room in plan and reflects noontime sun onto its ceiling.

The interior is organized around two solid core elements of kitchen and bathrooms. The master bedroom sits over the living room and has its own terrace. Guest and children’s bedrooms and bathrooms are flexible spaces with movable walls and sliding doors that are adjustable according to use.