When Trinity Episcopal School, a private institution in New Orleans for pre-K through eighth grade, looked for a solution to accommodate different subjects, activities, and class sizes within two of its classrooms, it turned to Tudelü. Founded three years ago, Tudelü developed motorized retractable walls to help create space division and visual or acoustical privacy within larger, open areas—but with a more aesthetically pleasing, minimalist appearance radically different from those old beige accordion walls of yesteryear.

Working with the school heads, Tudelü fabricated a custom 20-foot-wide wall that separates English and social studies classes when lowered. Faculty can easily operate a key switch to retract the wall into housing that’s concealed within the ceiling for times when the space hosts larger lectures. Both sides of the wall sport graphics of full world maps that are at once both educational and attractive.

All of Tudelü product lines are custom built to fit individual spaces and meet unique needs. Its single and double mass-loaded vinyl walls (which have an STC rating of 31 and 46, respectively) are available in almost any solid color, more than 30 patterns, or a personalized graphic such as artwork, a photo, or logo. Providing even more sound absorption is a felt option in a choice of 31 solid colors. Regardless of the material finish, all Tudelü walls are zippered into the frame, which enables easy removal and replacement should the client get tired of the graphic or color, or if any unrepairable damage occurs. So, if Trinity decides to use these spaces to house chemistry and geometry classes instead, it will be simple to commission and install a new wall that functions as a periodic chart on one side and a polygon guide on the other.