Just off the main drag in Hudson, New York, in an early 1900s two-story Craftsman-style house sits an apartment reimagined into a creative studio for photographers on weekdays and a respite for city dwellers on weekends. The owner and designer, Anthony D’Argenzio of the New York-based creative agency Zio and Sons, wanted to reflect the 1,300-square-foot home’s period with a vintage look.

The kitchen backsplash for example features a durable, hand-glazed tile called Zellige by Clé. Made from natural glazes, pigments, and terra-cotta clay, each tile varies in color, shade, and surface texture. Handcrafted in Morocco, the tile measures 4” x 4” and reflects a glossy finish described as a “sequin-like” surface. “Color kind of scares me, but I still wanted some texture and subtle qualities behind it, so these tiles worked out perfectly,” D’Argenzio says.

He also likes the juxtaposition between old and new, so he updated the flooring using Loz Feliz 8” x 8” cement tile by Clé. “Don’t be afraid to include heavy texture in a simplistic environment,” he says. “It adds character, depth, and a sense of soul.” The budget-friendly tile is a charming and sophisticated addition that comes in any number of white color combinations.