Project size: 4,500 square feet

Program: This single-family house, its design inspired by the International Style, accommodates a young couple and their two children. The prompt was to create a residence that would promote a dialogue between the exterior and interior.

Location: Ponta Negra, Brazil

Solution: The house sits above grade, on a gentle slope. Windows are oriented to the east and south to optimize natural ventilation. The program is distributed throughout two levels. The first floor comprises a kitchen, dining room, guest suite, office, and living area. The upper floor accommodates three bedrooms and a library. An outdoor recreation area is located at the house’s rear.

Construction and materials: The structural system is reinforced concrete. All apertures have Ipê screens. The front façade features cement tiles.


Additional Information

Completion date: January 2018

Gross square footage: 4,500 square feet  



Martins Lucena Architects

Julia Freire Avenue 1200, Office 808, Metropolitan Bulding, Expedicionários, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil | Postal Code: 58040-040 | +55 83 30218537


Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:

Márcio Lucena, Kleimer Martins, Tadeu de Brito, Tamáris Brasileiro, Deborah Barbosa, Kellington Dantas and Anna Beatriz Monteiro.


Architect of record:

Márcio Lucena and Kleimer Martins


Associate architect(s):

Kellington Dantas


Interior designer:

Márcio Lucena and Kleimer Martins



Aurélio Marcolino


General contractor:

Ademi Costa



Maíra Acayaba



Lighting: Stiluz



Structural System

Reinforced concrete.

Exterior Cladding

Masonry: Cerâmica Salema

Rainscreen: Ibratin

Wood: Oficina da Madeira

Other cladding unique to this project: Cement tiles by Metro Materiais


Other: Concrete waterproof slab


Wood frame: Wood windows frames by Oficina da Madeira


Entrances: Ipê wood entrance door by Oficina da Madeira

Metal doors: Aluminum door frames by Estrutural

Wood doors: Oficina da Madeira

Sliding doors: Estrutural

Interior Finishes

 Paints and stains: Coral

Special surfacing: Porcelain tiles by Portobello

Floor and wall tile: Portobello


Office furniture: Arauco

Chairs: Saccaro

Tables: Saccaro

Other furniture: Arauco


Interior ambient lighting: Stiluz

Exterior: Stiluz

Dimming system or other lighting controls: HW Home Automation