This spring’s new architectural surfaces are both handsome and high-performing. Read about products by Casalgrande Padana, New Ravenna, Emser (with Gensler), Crossville, Island Stone, Caesarstone, Artistic Tile, Cosentino/Dekton (with Patternity), Appiani, and Wilsonart.



Casalgrande Padana’s Macro has the appearance of terrazzo, with its exaggerated stone pattern on a white, gray, dark gray, or black background—but it’s actually made of porcelain. Suitable for both wall and floor applications, the slabs are easy to clean and specifiable in ¼" to 1/3" thicknesses and in formats up to 46½" by 93".


The New World Collection

Interior designer Sasha Bikoff journeys from the aesthetics of 17th-century Europe to modern-day America in these handcrafted stone-mosaic tiles. The compositions, for example, include two vintage American bandana patterns (above), a floral design evoking Renaissance-era lace, and a reproduction of a 17th-century Dutch cartographer’s map painting. The lace and bandana designs are 1' square while the Atlas Maior mural is made to measure.



Manufacturer Emser collaborated with Gensler on this porcelain tile series that replicates the look and feel of Japanese shou sugi ban, a burning technique that preserves timber surfaces. Available in 8" x 47" planks with a 3/8" thickness, the tiles come in five colorways and a matte finish. Yakedo can be used for walls, shower floors, kitchen counters, and exterior walls, among other applications.


Cursive Wall Tile

Geometry, color, and modularity coalesce in Crossville’s new wall-tile collection, ensuring unlimited combinations and layouts. The tiles come in a square, triangle, circle, demilune, and two rectangular shapes in popular colors such as Rose Gold, Charcoal, and Soft Teal. Coordinating corner pieces are available to frame the circle and demilune tiles. All tiles have a glossy finish.


Spindrift Marble Nebula

In a twist, Island Stone’s Spindrift Marble mosaic tiles are composed of organically shaped slices of marble to mimic a bed of river stones. Inspired by the natural process of metamorphosis—during which rocks transform as they are subjected to heat and pressure—one of the collection’s new colorways, Nebula, features swirls, blots, and textures recalling fossil imprints and traces of the elements in a gray, white, and black palette.


Black Tempal 5810

With black still on-trend in kitchen design, Caesarstone has introduced three variations of the hue for the start of 2020. Among them is Black Tempal, a quartz surface with a charcoal-black base and subtle layer of soft mineral deposits. The result evokes granular highlights in authentic stone. Slabs are available in ¾" or 1" thicknesses and an overall size up to 56½" x 120".



A play on the fluting of classical columns, Flute, from Artistic Tile, is reversed, with convex undulations, in two different marbles: Nero, with inlaid brass lines, or honed lilac on white. The curves—nine to each 12" x 24" tile—project close to an inch and have varied widths. The tiles are suitable for vertical interior applications; the lilac marble is also approved for shower-wall installation.



Minimal and subtle, this Appiani series creates maximum visual impact. It comprises 3" x 12" rectangular tiles and coordinating mosaics, all of which are matte and supersaturated in nine (depending on the design) soft colors, including a muted cerulean and a warm gray. The tiles can be smooth or have any of three textures: raised dots, raised bars, and a microwoven pattern.


Liquid Sky

In collaboration with London-based Patternity—a group specializing in pattern creation and research—Cosentino developed the Liquid collection for its ultracompact (sintered through extreme ­pressure and heat) surfacing brand, Dekton. Sky is one of the collection’s three intriguing designs. Sporting a cloudlike pattern of gray wispy swirls on a white ground, it interprets the scientific principles of fluid dynamics. The slabs are large-format, measuring up to 56" wide x 126" long.



Reinforcing the black-palette trend in kitchens, Wilsonart’s Oberlin is a large-scale terrazzo-inspired quartz slab, with gray and bronze flecks of varying shades and sizes on a gray-black background. Like the company’s other quartz products, Oberlin is resistant to stains and abrasions, making it ideal for countertops. It is available in one size, 55" x 120", and two thicknesses, of about 3/4" and 11/8".