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These glass solutions strive to keep sight lines open, closed, or somewhere in between.


Lumi Frit Surface 1

Bendheim Fritted Products.

Adding to its already robust line of specialty glass, Bendheim presents a new fritted product that appears brilliant white from the outside in daylight while still affording views for building occupants. Ultrawhite frit dots covering 50% of the low-iron glass make this possible. In the evening, the pattern’s opacity transforms the glass into a projectible exterior screen. Three dot diameters are available for the pattern.

Protective Barrier Systems

CRL Protective Barrier System.

Manufacturers are still recognizing the design implications of the current pandemic—and how to prevent similar situations in the future. CRL, for one, has launched easy-to-assemble hardware kits that create flexible frameless glass or acrylic barriers. Kits are available for both tabletop and floor-standing installations. The glazing is sold separately.

Fluted Champagne Glass

Nathan Allan Fluted Glass.

This dynamic golden-hued glass from Nathan Allan is fluted, in part, to provide a level of privacy, and transparent to enable light transmission. The kiln-formed glass comes in three thicknesses and customizable formats up to 6' wide x 11' 6" high. The ¼"-wide flutes run vertically or horizontally on one surface.

Superlite II-XLB 120

XLB 120 Glazing.

Safti First has expanded its offerings with the launch of the largest two-hour fire-resistive glazing to date. XLB 120 covers a maximum area of nearly 8,000 square inches (133" wide and high) with slim ⁵∕8" stops inserted. It can be specified for architectural, decorative, or energy-saving applications and is additionally offered in a butt-glazed option.

Low-E Coated Acid-Etched Glass

Walker Glass Glazing.

Available in satin or opaque finishes, this Walker Glass glazing is now part of the Vitro Architec­tural Glass Solarban low-E glass offering. The resulting material provides privacy, high light transmittance, glare control, and solar heat-gain mitigation. An added bonus: the acid etching renders the glass safer for birds.