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Manufacturers are developing glazing solutions for a range of issues from bird protection to glare control.


Marvin x Halio

Marvin Smart Glass.
Marvin Smart Glass.

Window and door giant Marvin has brought smart glass to the home, in partnership with electrochromic-glass manufacturer Halio. Occupants can program the material to seamlessly transition throughout the day, respond to outdoor conditions, or tint on command. The glass can transition to the darkest setting in three minutes.

Bird1st Etch

Bird1st Etch Glass.

To combat bird strikes, glass manufacturers today are continually developing bird-safe glass by employing etched patterns. This Guardian Glass series comprises four designs that are available on various Guardian offerings including its popular SunGuard and UltraClear low-iron glass.

Precision Edge

Pulp Studio Glass.

Designed specifically for glass handrails, this Pulp Studio glass has a precisely aligned smooth finish on its exposed edges, a feat achieved using a proprietary process. The technology is available for both tempered and annealed-laminated glass.


Vista Vision Glass.

This Privacy Glass Solutions system is triple-glazed, each sheet being fabricated with alternating ½" vertical frosted and transparent bands. A magnetic slide, operable by one hand, moves the inner layer side to side to achieve different privacy levels. VISTA-Vision can be specified for openings up to 70" x 55" and can be used as an exterior panel.

Titan Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass Panel.

As the name hints, this Vitro Architectural Glass panel is oversized—up to 130" x 240"—for large-scale exterior-glazing applications. The expansive size can be produced with Vitro’s various Solarban, Acuity, and Starphire substrates to suit a project’s heat-gain control and aesthetic needs.