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These luminaires and systems present welcome variations on existing forms and technologies.



Ayno Lamps.

Visually graphic yet whimsical, this table and floor lamp series from Midgard features a simple plastic shade on a flexible arched fiberglass rod. Textile-covered cables, each connected at two points on the rod, allow users to manipulate its radius and curve. Ayno is available through Ameico.



Reimagining traditional track lighting, Juniper developed this grid-based network, designed to be integral to the architectural scheme of a space. It revolves around a series of slim 7mm-thick linear modules and connectors that conceal low-voltage conduits. These components then power and magnetically hold coordinating mini-spotlights. The system is offered in three finishes.


Lutron Lighting Control Panel.

An elegant solution from Lutron Electronics, this lighting control panel is both understated and customizable, offering options that range from engraved labels to a choice of one to three backlit buttons. The fingerprint-resistant metal plate comes in a range of metallic and painted finishes including aged bronze and matte black.

Trapz New Finishes

Modular Lighting Sconce.

Modular Lighting Instruments has updated this wall sconce with sophisticated finish combinations such as an anodized bronze outer body (left) paired with an aluminum interior. Trapz’s sleek flattened cylinder has two oblique openings that offer glimpses of the contrasting interior.

The LittleOnes

LittleOnes Lighting Fixture.

USAI Lighting has unveiled a line of tiny architecture-grade recessed fixtures that practically disappear into ceilings while delivering more than 1,000 lumens of light. Boasting a mere ¾" lens aperture, the luminaire is available as a round or square fixed downlight, wall washer, or adjustable accent fixture.