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Architectural Record presents the top acoustic surfaces and interior cladding of the year.


Hush Clad

Hush Clad Panels.

3form has added 14 colors, ranging from neutral to jewel tones, to its Sola Felt acoustic-panel line, as well as 15 updated geometric and linear patterns. The proprietary felt is made from 50% postconsumer PET, is tackable, and can provide an up to 0.35 NRC rating. Standard panels are 44" x 96".


Best in Category medal. Arktura SoftSpan System.

Arktura’s SoftSpan system mimics the millwork of coffered ceilings and trellises while also, thanks to its composition of PET material, improving acoustics. These scalable modules—available in 24", 48", or 96" lengths—are sustainable and, when compared with the real thing, lighter-weight and cost-effective. In addition to the texture of milled timber, SoftSpan can also simulate cast concrete.

James Cull “Softspan has a strong presence and adds a lot of personality to a space—while also providing acoustic benefits.”
James Cull, Rottet Studio design director and associate principal


Stratawood Panels.

Made with an MDF core, wood-veneer face, and PET-felt backing, this acoustic slatted-panel collection from Fräsch comes ready to mount directly onto ceilings or walls. The standard 24" x 96" panels can also be cut to fit in most dropped-ceiling T-grids. Architects can choose from a selection of four wood-grain surfaces.


FreeForm Specular Panels.

Pure + FreeForm’s Specular collection comprises 12 metallic designs that can be finished with a toxin-free coating for interiors or a resin that provides high resistance to corrosion, chemical exposure, and UV degradation for exterior projects. Applicable to walls, ceilings, and soffits, Specular comes in 48" x 120" sheets, though custom sizes up to 48" x 177" are also offered.

Blendz Patina Collection

Blendz Patina Collection.

Móz Designs has expanded its Blendz Patina line with 11 new earth tones such as forest green and copper, to name two. Available in 4' x 8' sheets, the new colorways are digitally printed on aluminum and sealed, offered with optional textures and perforations, and are specifiable for both interior and exterior applications.

Neolith Metropolitan

Neolith Metropolitan Stone.

Evocative of urban environs, both fashionable and industrial, this Neolith sintered stone presents a worn steel finish in slab or tile formats. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it is also said to promote hygiene: fabricated with a proprietary technology, the ¼"-thick material inhibits the growth and proliferation of bacteria.

Tectum Create

Armstrong Tectum Create Panels.

Armstrong Ceilings & Wall Solutions has introduced direct-attach wall panels to encourage customization and creativity while also enhancing acoustics. Resembling wall art or murals, the panels come in 24" x 48" and 48" x 96" formats with beveled edges. The cementitious wood fiber panels offer NRC ratings of up to 0.85.


Editor's Choice. Linyfelt Panels.

Architects can create acoustically enhanced spaces with this PET-fin product from Fräsch. Offered in 96" x 24" panels with varied depths (providing an NRC rating of 0.60 to 1.00), Linyfelt can be installed on both ceilings and walls to create attractive installations using special brackets that space the fins evenly. The panels come in 36 colors.

Skinz Collection

Skinz Collection Panels.

These solid-core aluminum panels by Móz Designs have laminated embossed textures replicating the appearance of timber or stone, with six new “on-trend” finishes such as shou sugi ban–inspired Charwood and whitewashed Glacier, as well as corrugated. Available in 47" x 96" and 47" x 120" sheets.

Vapor Biophilic

Vapor Biophilic Panels.

Arktura has unveiled two new nature-inspired patterns for its Vapor series of torsion-spring ceiling and wall panels: Bloom subtly evokes scattered foliage, while Breeze recalls a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Both have options for backlighting and soft acoustic backing. The aluminum panels fit standard torsion grids and can transition to the wall.