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Architectural Record’s annual competition presents the best new systems management tools of the year.


Schluter Ditra-Heat-Duo-PS

Schluter Warming System.

Ideal for tiled floors over concrete substrates, this electric warming system utilizes an integrated thermal break to better direct the heat up into the tile, resulting in faster warming times and enhanced sound control between floors. The system does not require a mortar adhesive, thanks to its peel-and-stick backing.

Radius Infrared Heater

Radius Infrared Heater.

Packaged inside a 24"-diameter aluminum dome, Solaira’s Radius uses an optically engineered reflector system that converts 92% of the electricity used into directable radiant heat. Rated for covered outdoor use in commercial and residential environments, it sports a ceramic-glass lens that conceals halogen heating modules while still allowing heat to pass through.

Heat₂O Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat2O Heat Pump Water Heater.

Produced by Mitsubishi Electric Trane US HVAC, this all-electric cold-climate heat pump water heater uses a natural CO₂ refrigerant to provide hot water in high-demand commercial and multifamily applications while reducing environmental impact. With a coefficient performance of up to 4.52, the unit can supply hot water with outside temperatures as low as -13°F, cutting on-site carbon emissions.

StrataClean IQ

Best in Category medal. Editors' Choice medal. StrataClean IQ Filtration System.

This in-ceiling air-filtration system by Armstrong claims to remove 90% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other particulates down to 0.3 microns. Drawing the air in through a 2" MERV 13 filter and then discharging the purified air to return it to the space, the unit doesn’t require integration into existing HVAC systems.

Jade Hack “Simple to integrate and easy to maintain, the StrataClean IQ filtration system is a necessary product in light of today’s increasing need for healthier indoor environments.”
Jade Hack, senior associate, IA Interior Architects

Kohler H2Wise Monitoring Systems

Kohler H2Wise Monitoring Systems.

This system uses Phyn technology to “learn” the water signature of every fitting in the home, enabling it to deliver immediate alerts for leaks, help prevent frozen-pipe bursts, and track daily water usage via a mobile app. H2Wise can be easily installed under the sink; the H2Wise+ connects to the main water line.