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A monthly contest from the editors of RECORD asks you to guess the architect for a work of historical importance.

Clue: Following the near-total destruction of this opera house during World War II, the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa was hired to oversee its reconstruction. But, not long after Scarpa died suddenly in 1978, the project was instead taken over by a compatriot known for the use of stripped-down traditional forms. Among its most famous elements is a tapering, lantern-like tower that emerges through the roof in a sharp glass point.

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Last month's answer: The Tancredo Neves Integrated Center for Public Education (Centro Integrado de Enseñanza Pública, or CIEP) was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Niemeyer, working with Rio de Janeiro governor Leonel Brizola, created a standardized design for the CIEP program that was used in the construction of hundreds of new public schools in the 1980s and 1990s.

South American Modernist Public School.

Photo © Leonardo Finotti