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These cladding and building envelope products elevate performance and design.


Kinetic Single Point Flappers

Kinetic Single Point Flappers.

A slight breeze is all that’s needed to make this kinetic cladding developed by EXTECH run riot. The Kinetic Single Point Flappers, unlike the company’s two-pin and rod-mount predecessors, use a new one-pin suspension system that allows these flappers—customizable in both shape, color, and perforation—to move in any direction. The system is lightweight and easy to install and is often used for transit facilities and parking garages, among other typologies.

Interno 9

Interno 9 Porcelain Slabs.

These porcelain slabs offered by ABK Stone’s Interno 9 Collection are suitable for exterior cladding and finishes. The panels are available in several earthy tones, such as rust (pictured) and pearl, and come in two thicknesses: approximately ¼" and 5/16", and a range of widths, lengths, and profiles. Notably, Interno 9 is made with ABK Stone’s CONTINUA+ fabrication technology, which reduces the amount of raw material required, without sacrificing durability.


Bellara Steel Cladding.

Bellara, part of Dri-Design’s EN-V Collection, is a steel cladding designed to mirror authentic timber siding. The process starts with high-resolution imagery of various wood types to capture grain, knots, and other characteristics. The scans are printed on the panels and protected from the elements by a low-sheen clear coat and base coat.

Sto GPS Board

Sto GPS Board.

This rigid graphite-enhanced polystyrene insulation board by Sto Corp is suitable across climates and seasons. The GPS Board is available in 2' x 4' formats with a range of thicknesses, and its thermal resistance performs best when temperatures drop, going from R4.7 per inch at 75°F to R4.9 per inch at 40°F. The board is also semi-permeable, which allows for moisture egress within wall systems, and, without the need for mechanical fasteners, mitigates thermal bridging.

Blue Smooth Ironspot

Blue Smooth Ironspot Brick Color.

In November, Glen-Gery announced its 2024 Brick Color of the Year, Blue Smooth Ironspot. The extruded brick was introduced as part of the Sioux City Blues Series, and, with its deep blue tones and rough finish, its look varies according to weather and lighting. It is available in three formats: Modular (35/8" x 21/4" x 75/8"), Norman (35/8" x 21/4" x 115/8"), and Utility (35/8" x 35/8" x 115/8").

Elevate Isogard HD

Elevate Isogard HD Cover Board.

Elevate ISOGARD HD, offered by Holcim, is a ½"-thick cover board fashioned from polyisocyanurate foam core, laminated to a mineral-coated fiberglass facer. It is ideal for protecting insulation boards—or, owing to its thermal performance—it can be thrown on existing roof systems as a recovery board. The board is also straightforward to cut and install, and, thanks to its light weight, can be transported with ease.

Window Wall

KOVA Window Wall.

This patent-pending window-wall system manufactured by KOVA is handy for its straightforward installation and energy performance. The units are ideal for large to mid-rise commercial and residential projects, with dimensions ranging from 5' to 8' x 10' to 12', and are fully installable from the building interior, saving on the cost and time associated with crane-placed facade panels.


Cornwall Ceramic Products.

In October, StoneCycling and Circular Matters announced a partnership to manufacture building components out of plant-based materials. Their first biobased product, CornWall, is an alternative for ceramic cladding, fashioned from corncob cores otherwise destined for field burns or fermentation. The bio-coated product is also 100% reusable and biodegradable. CornWall is available in eight colors and two sizes.


Pixel Concrete.

The production of concrete with cement that binds aggregates is a significant source of carbon emissions. Rieder is seeking to reduce its own impact on the environment through a zero-waste strategy, and their newest product, Pixel, is made from factory scraps of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete. The small-format concrete shingles are approximately 61/2" x 91/2" and, owing to their recycled makeup, offer a variegated appearance.


PAC-CLAD Modular AL Panels.

PAC-CLAD Modular AL, manufactured by Petersen, provides a range of configurations and colors from their existing cassette-style aluminum cladding systems. Panels can be treated in up to 46 PAC-CLAD finishes, or custom hues. Standard panel sizes are 16" x 72" and 16" x 120", with a depth of approximately 11/2" to 3".