The Up Studio co-founder John Patrick Winberry joins the podcast to discuss the importance of branding for architecture firms, engaging with clients, and how the studio's Open Corner House on Long Island became a key filming location for the hit Netflix movie Leave the World Behind.

“We have our fingerprints on every aspect of this home—to then hand it over is extremely terrifying. However, we handed it over to another group of creatives who are reimagining something that we couldn't see because of tunnel vision in our own work. In the opening sequence, when they get to the home, and Julia Roberts is talking about how amazing the home is, the camera floats around her as she ascends the stairs and heads into the primary suite—that is where we cut open the house to get all the natural light in. Every space and circulation spine had light coming in because we cracked open the home. They had no idea, but they captured the thesis of our project in the movie.”
- John Patrick Winberry

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