The 2008 Jury of Fellows from The American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated 116 association members to its College of Fellows yesterday. These men and women join an elite cadre: of the AIA’s total 83,000 members, fewer than 2,650 are fellows. The AIA bestows the honor on architects who have been association members for at least 10 years and have made significant contributions to the profession in one or more of five categories:

(1) Promoting the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession.
(2) A dvancing the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, and practice.
(3) Coordinating the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA and other related professional organizations.
(4) Advancing the living standards of people through an improved environment.
(5) Making the profession of ever-increasing service to society.

A list of the 116 new fellows, including the category in which they were nominated and their local AIA component, follows. An investiture ceremony for the 2008 Fellows will be held 4:00 p.m., Friday, May 16, at Boston’s Old South Church, during the 2008 AIA National Convention.

Serving on this year’s jury were: Chair Carol Shen, FAIA, Carol Shen, Architect/Consultant; Rebecca G. Barnes, FAIA, of Providence, Rhode Island; Daniel S. Friedman, FAIA, University of Washington; Phillip H. Gerou, FAIA, Gerou & Associates; Allan W. Kehrt, FAIA, KSS Architects; Walter Schamu, FAIA, Schamu Machowski Greco Architects; and Jim W. Sealy, FAIA, Jim Sealy Architect/Consultant.

The New AIA Fellows for 2008:


Diana Agrest, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Giancarlo Alhadeff, FAIA, (1), AIA Continental Europe
Stephen Apking, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Ian Bader, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
David Ballast, FAIA, (2), AIA Denver
Gary Balog, FAIA, (1), AIA Eastern Ohio
Thomas Bates, FAIA, (2), AIA Southwest Washington
August Battaglia, FAIA, (1), AIA Chicago
Deborah Berke, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
David Body , FAIA, (2), AIA Los Angeles
Obie Bowman, FAIA, (1), AIA Redwood Empire
Louise Braverman, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Diana Brenner, FAIA, (2), AIA Indiana
William Brenner, FAIA, (2), AIA Washington, D.C.
Jim Brinkley, FAIA, (2), AIA Seattle
Hillary Brown, FAIA, (4), AIA New York Chapter
Barbara Bryson, FAIA, (4), AIA Houston
Francis Bulbulian, FAIA, (2), AIA Minneapolis
David Burney, FAIA, (4), AIA New York Chapter
Carol Burns, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA


Charles Cadenhead , FAIA, (2), AIA Houston
John Carney Jr., FAIA, (1), AIA Wyoming
Gordon Carrier, FAIA, (3), AIA San Diego
Jean Carroon, FAIA, (1), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Charles Cassell, FAIA, (5), AIA Washington, D.C.
Charles Cassias Jr., FAIA, (2), AIA Kansas City
Louis Cherr , FAIA, (5), AIA North Carolina
Daniel Cinelli , FAIA, (2), AIA Chicago
Mary Cox, FAIA, (4), AIA Richmond
Robert Curri , FAIA, (5), AIA Palm Beach
Craig Curtis, FAIA, (1), AIA Seattle
John Dale, FAIA, (2), AIA Los Angeles
Rene Davids, FAIA, (2), AIA San Francisco
Thomas Davi , FAIA, (5), AIA Middle Tennessee
Todd DeGarm , FAIA, (1), AIA Washington, D.C.
Nunzio De Santis, FAIA, (2), AIA Dallas
Tod Desmarais, FAIA, (2), AIA Chicago


Peter Ellis, FAIA, (1), AIA Chicago
Tian Feng, FAIA, (4), AIA East Bay
Joseph Ferraro, FAIA, (2), AIA Honolulu
David Fixler, FAIA, (1), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Michael Folonis, FAIA, (1), AIA Los Angeles
Gregory Friesen, FAIA, (2), AIA Colorado South
Gerard Geier II, FAIA, (2), AIA New York Chapter
Rebekah Gladson, FAIA, (4), AIA California Council
David Hansen, FAIA, (1), AIA Chicago
Robert Harris, FAIA, (1), AIA San Antonio
Robert Hastings, FAIA, (4), AIA Portland
David Hertz, FAIA, (2), AIA Los Angeles
David Hinson, FAIA, (2), AIA Montgomery
Kenneth Hobgood, FAIA, (1), AIA North Carolina
Diane Hoskins, FAIA, (2), AIA Potomac Valley
Nathan Hoyt, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Edward Huckaby, FAIA, (2), AIA Houston


Michael Imber, FAIA, (1), AIA San Antonio
Jon Jackson, FAIA, (1), AIA Pittsburgh
Sudhir Jambhekar, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Mary Johnston, FAIA, (1), AIA Seattle
John Kane, FAIA, (1), AIA Phoenix Metro
Michael Kang, FAIA, (2), AIA Washington, D.C.
Richard Kobus, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Byron Kuth, FAIA, (1), AIA San Francisco
Gordon Landreth, FAIA, (5), AIA Corpus Christi
MaryKatherine Lanzillotta, FAIA, (5), AIA Washington, D.C.
William Lecky, FAIA, (2), AIA Northern Virginia
Brian Lee, FAIA, (1), AIA San Francisco
Wanchul Lee, FAIA, (2), AIA Washington, D.C.
David Leventhal, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Michael Lischer, FAIA, (3), AIA/UK
Marc L'Italien, FAIA, (1), AIA San Francisco
Pamela Loeffelman, FAIA, (3), AIA New York Chapter
Nancy Ludwig, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA


Jean Mah, FAIA, (2), AIA Los Angeles
Dennis McFadden, FAIA, (1), AIA Los Angeles
Heather McKinney, FAIA, (1), AIA Austin
Charles Merz, FAIA, (1), AIA Detroit
Prescott Muir, FAIA, (1), AIA Utah
Michael Murphy, FAIA, (1), AIA Baltimore
Kimon Onuma, FAIA, (2), AIA Pasadena & Foothill
Robert Orr Jr., FAIA, (5), AIA Connecticut
Michael Palladino, FAIA, (1), AIA Los Angeles
Betsy Pettit, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Paul Pippin, FAIA, (2), AIA New York Chapter
Stephen Quick, FAIA, (1), AIA Pittsburgh


Christopher Ratcliff, FAIA, (2), AIA East Bay
Wellington Reiter, FAIA, (2), AIA Phoenix Metro
John Rogers, FAIA, (5), AIA Orlando
Robert Rogers, FAIA, (1), AIA New York Chapter
Michael Rosenfeld, FAIA, (1), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Rona Rothenberg, FAIA, (4), AIA San Francisco
Mark Schatz, FAIA, (2), AIA San Francisco
Gene Schnair, FAIA, (2), AIA San Francisco
Michael Schuster, FAIA, (1), AIA Cincinnati
Allan Shulman, FAIA, (2), AIA Miami
Baird Smith, FAIA, (1), AIA Northern Virginia
Dana Smith, FAIA, (4), AIA Washington, D.C.
Michael Smith, FAIA, (2), AIA Houston
Stephen Souter, FAIA, (2), AIA San Antonio
Richard Southwick, FAIA, (2), New York City Chapter
Friedrich St. Florian, FAIA, (1), AIA/Rhode Island
Richard Stacy, FAIA, (1), AIA San Francisco
William Stein, FAIA, (2), New York City Chapter
Norris Strawbridge, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Mark Swenson, FAIA, (2), AIA Minneapolis


Rives Taylor, FAIA, (2), AIA Houston
Maryann Thompson, FAIA, (1), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Pamela Touschner, FAIA, (3), AIA Inland California
Bernard Tschumi, FAIA, (1), New York City Chapter
Richard Wagner, FAIA, (3), AIA Seattle
Jonathan Warburg, FAIA, (4), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Mark Watford, FAIA, (2), AIA Dallas
Carole Wedge, FAIA, (2), Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Steven Wiesenthal, FAIA, (4), AIA San Francisco
Willis Winters, FAIA, (2), AIA Dallas
Jane Wright, FAIA, (2), AIA Hampton Roads
Paul Zajfen, FAIA, (1), AIA Los Angeles