On April 30 at its national convention in San Francisco, the American Institute of Architects released replacement construction manager documents and an updated version of AIA Contracts Documents software. The CM documents cover CM as advisor (CMa) and CM as constructor (CMc).

The CM documents replace those released in 2007 and 2008. They include a dispute resolution check box that enables parties to select the method of binding dispute resolution. They incorporate the concept of an initial decision maker fill point where the owner and contractor may identify a third neutral party IDM other than the architect.

The documents include digital data provisions to encourage project participants to establish protocols governing transmission and use of digital data.

The CMa documents also contain a contractor payment check box. This allows the owner and contractor to select the method of payment from three choices: they stipulate sum, cost of the work plus a fee with a guaranteed maximum price, or cost of the work plus a fee without a guaranteed maximum price. More information is available at www.aia.org/contractdocs.

The software has easier project and document management, flexible dialogs allowing for easier document completion, Microsoft Excel capabilities in several forms and one-click custom template creation, says the AIA. The software allows users to view, select, and manage projects and documents from a centralized screen. A new way to enter information helps users complete required project-specific data "quickly and accurately," according to the AIA.