Cathy Crane Frankel
Cathy Crane Frankel / Photo courtesy Cathy Crane Frankel
United States Institute of Peace
United States Institute of Peace / Courtesy Wikipedia
Carousel at Glen Echo Park
Carousel at Glen Echo Park / Courtesy Chris B via Wikipedia
Embassy of Denmark
Embassy of Denmark / Courtesy Wikipedia
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Corcoran Gallery of Art / Courtesy Wikipedia Palena Restaurant
Palena Restaurant / Courtesy Cuisivity

Cathy Crane Frankel is the vice president of exhibitions and collections at the National Building Museum, which received its institutional charter in 1980. The museum is “devoted to the history and impact of the built environment” and “tells the stories of architecture, engineering, and design.”

Best New Architecture
Institute of Peace
It’s nice to have a new building D.C. with a design that looks outside of the box. The Moshe Safdie building is not as staid as some of the city’s other architecture.

Best Historic Architecture
Glen Echo Park
Of course I would say the National Building Museum, but just west of the city in Maryland is Glen Echo Park. The carousel there is fantastic and the park used to be the last stop on the Charlie trolley line.

Best Off-the-Beaten Path Architecture
Danish Embassy and Residence
Danish modernist architect Vilhelm Lauritzen built the Danish Embassy in 1960. It backs up to Dumbarton Oaks Park and it’s a beautiful space that has the most amazing views, gardens, and mid-century architecture.

Best Museums and Galleries
National Gallery of Art
I always remind people that, though the National Gallery always has a great traveling exhibition, their permanent collection is also great! My favorite place to roam is in their collection of paintings by Vermeer.

Flashpoint Gallery
They always have new, interesting artists I’ve never heard of. I’m always discovering someone and something new here.

The Corcoran Gallery of Art
They have great exhibitions at the Corcoran. And this is around the time of year of student thesis shows, which always turn up some great works of art.

Best Drinking, Dining, and Shopping
The food here is great, and Frank Ruta, a former White House chef, runs the restaurant.