Fred Bernstein
A frequent contributor to just about every architecture magazine available, Bernstein’s interest in the human story, in addition to design, would suit the weekly. With the amount of coverage The New Yorker gives to architecture, Bernstein could still indulge his journalistic wanderlust.

Justin Davidson
A critic of both architecture and classical music, Davidson would move from the pointedly consumer-y and youthful New York Magazine to a magazine that takes itself very seriously.

Martin Filler
A frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books who has written for RECORD, Filler would bring a take-no-prisoners stance to The New Yorker.

Sarah Williams Goldhagen
Goldhagen doesn’t have the name, but the theorist, historian, and New Republic architecture critic has earned a certain niche recognition.

Alexander Gorlin
Outside the architecture world, Alexander Gorlin may be better known for his residential design than his often-humorous criticism, but he has contributed to this magazine, Metropolis, and others.

Christopher Hawthorne
Could the architecture critic at the L.A. Times pick up the cadence of the right coast if The New Yorker decided to woo him?

Julie Iovine
Executive editor at the Architect’s Newspaper, a former New York Times journalist, and a writer for the Wall Street Journal, Iovine is certainly steeped in New York’s architecture culture.

Blair Kamin
Will the allure of the New Yorker critic’s chair be strong enough to pull the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic away from his post at the Chicago Tribune? We would certainly miss his blog.

Mark Lamster
The uncurbed writing of the U.S. correspondent for the Architectural Review might help rev things up at a weekly on cruise control.

Alexandra Lange
The young iconoclast and design writer, Alexandra Lange once praised Goldberger’s embrace of Twitter. Would her 3,657 followers like to see the Design Observer contributor at the New Yorker?

Philip Nobel
A sometimes contributor to The Nation, Vogue, Metropolis, and many other publications, Nobel is a dark-horse candidate, but his voice would definitely bring some crackle to The New Yorker.

James Russell
Russell, architecture critic at Bloomberg News, author, and frequent RECORD contributor, has a straightforward-laced-with-lyrical, prose style that might suit The New Yorker.

Witold Rybczynski
Author, Penn professor, and Slate architecture critic Rybczynski would bring his love of classicism to the once Mumford-influenced periodical.

Will The New Yorker go the route of other publications across the country and abolish the architecture critic in favor of a rotating cast of contributors?