Nicholas Clark Architects

Mirebalais, Haiti


L’Ecole de Choix isn’t the only new project in town. Just up the road, a 180,000-square-foot hospital designed partly pro bono by Chicago-based Nicholas Clark Architects is slated to open this summer. Funded by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and the nonprofit group Partners In Health, the $16 million, 320-bed medical center will accept patients from around the country while also serving as a teaching facility. Modern health-care services will be provided within a pleasing setting: abundant windows, light-filled rooms, outdoor courtyards, and vibrant mosaics. Notes hospital director Dr. David Walton, “Part of the objective was to create a beautiful space.”

ARCHITECT: Nicholas Clark Architects.

BUDGET: $16 million.

CONTEXT: Facility will serve as a national referral hospital and teaching facility. Poverty and malnutrition are prevalent in Haiti, yet medical facilities are scarce.