Allan Shulman
Allan Shulman
Photo by William Hanley
A mural by Barry McGee in the Wynwood Arts District
The Miami Marine Stadium
A mural by Barry McGee in the Wynwood Arts District / Photo courtesy Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties (top) / The Miami Marine Stadium / Photo by William Hanley (above)

Allan T. Shulman founded Shulman & Associates in 1996 with an initial focus on historic preservation projects. The firm has since expanded to interior design, consulting, hospitality, urban planning and sustainable design. Allan received his M.Arch. from the University of Miami, where he is currently an associate research professor. His most recent book Miami Modern Metropolis: Paradise and Paradox in Midcentury Architecture and Planning was published by Balcony Press.

Best New Architecture
1111 Lincoln Road — Herzog & de Meuron

“It’s a stadium built on the water, and it sits almost in the middle of the bay. The Miami Marine Stadium has been abandoned for a long time, and it was just designated historic. It’s one of the few buildings in Miami that has that concrete culture that comes from Latin America, and in some ways, from Le Corbusier. It explores the plasticity of concrete. It explores how concrete can be used to create long-span structures. And of course, it’s all built of exposed concrete, which you don’t see that much of in Miami strangely enough—you see a lot of stucco. Also, it’s a grand civic building. We don’t have that many in Miami. The lesson of the Marine Stadium is that concrete offers a lot of structural possibilities, sculptural possibilities, monumental possibilities."

Best Museums and Galleries
Bass Museum of Art
“In the so-called CANDO (Cultural Arts Neighborhood District Overlay)—along with Miami City Ballet, Miami Beach Public Library, and Colins Park—the Bass is going in new directions lately with director Silvia Cubina at the helm. They recently opened a new Egyptian gallery.”

Locust Projects
“If you are in the Design District for other reasons, there are many small galleries and open studios to see, some temporary. Our office is half a block up the street from the local organization Locust Projects, which is open 12-5 Thursday through Saturday, though since turnover of exhibitions is frequent you see the artists in there at all hours hanging their next show.”

The Wolfsonian - Florida International University
“The Wolfsonian is a museum showcasing the collection of the Wolfson family, mostly objects of the modern era to 1945 with a preponderance of propaganda art.”

During the American Institute of Architects’ annual convention, the museum is presenting the exhibitions Unrealized Architecture and The Grand Hotels of Schultze & Weaver.

On June 10th at 7:30 p.m. the museum hosts a talk about the recently published Miami Architecture: An AIA Guide Featuring Downtown, the Beaches and Coconut Grove with authors Allan Shulman, Randall C. Robinson, Jr., and Jeff Donnelly.

Wynwood Walls
“Spurred by the very active presence of the Rubell Family Collection, Wynwood has become a bona fide arts district; many artists have studios and galleries here. The Wynwood Walls project that developer Tony Goldman did with Deitch Projects has transformed the streetscape.”

Best Restaurants
Dogma Grill
“An excellent hot dog and a mint lemonade.”

Fratelli Lyon
“Really fresh Italian food in a well-designed space. We take clients here or eat a late supper at the bar.”

Metro Organic Bistro and Karma Car Wash & Café
“An organic bistro connected to Karma, a carwash. The food is fantastic, it’s got great service, and you can have your car detailed while you eat your grass-fed ribeye.”

Red Light
“An idiosyncratic little seafood restaurant in the lobby of the old Motel Blu (the sort of adaptive use promised by the recent historic designation of this motel district). It’s right on Little River, and the restaurant steps down to the water’s edge. The historic Boulevard Theater (designed by Robert Law Weed & Edwin Reeder in 1941), now a strip club, is across the water.”

W Wine Bistro
“Super-friendly French bistro with reasonable prices and great food. We eat lunch here almost every day.”