In Copenhagen’s central park of Fælledparken, local architects Mads Lund and Robert Paulsen of MLRP playfully reinterpreted the “house of mirrors” when renovating a 1,400-square-foot, graffiti-covered shed. Shaped like a gabled Monopoly piece, the pavilion now houses restrooms and storage, as well as play and eating areas for children. In addition to upgrading the interiors, the architects used their modest budget of $310,000 to add insulation and clad the derelict building with charred-wood panels. Lending the pavilion a fun house air, the team covered its short ends (and the interiors of several swinging doors) with concave and convex polished stainless steel sheets. Distorted reflections provide entertainment for local children, while also connecting the building to its surroundings. “The mirrors establish a sympathetic transition between buildings and landscape, reflecting the park and nearby playground,” says Paulsen.