My Boston: Josiah Stevenson

July, 2008

Josiah Stevenson, a principal at Leers Weinzapfel, takes us on a tour of Le Corbusier's only building in North America—and one, despite its 1962 completion date, with a green roof. Then we follow him to the MBTA Operations Control Center, a mass-transit control center with a renovation adding five floors and a new exterior skin designed by Stevenson’s firm. Finally, he takes us to Harvard’s historic New College Theater (home of the "Hasty Pudding" theatricals), which his firm renovated and expanded.

Le Corbusier's Carpenter Center [1:06 mins.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau
MBTA Operations Control Center [53 secs.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau
Harvard's New College Theater [1:07 mins.]
Video produced by Bryant Rousseau;