Division 04: Masonry

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CalStar Products
December 2009
Fly Ash Brick reduces the high carbon footprint of brick masonry by approximately 90% versus fired clay brick. Both products are manufactured with greatly reduced energy-consumption and associated CO2 emissions. Fly Ash Pavers reduce the high carbon footprint of unit paving by approximately 90% versus fired clay pavers, and 80% versus concrete pavers. Both products are made from up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content, including Class A fly ash.

CavClear/Archovations, Inc.
December 2000
Made from 100 percent postconsumer plastic, the CavClear masonry mat and insulation systems are made to facilitate drainage and ventilation within masonry walls. The recycled plastic is fashioned into fluid-conducting, nonabsorbent, mold- and mildew-resistant polymer mesh and bonded to extruded foam board insulation.

Hebel Building Systems
Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks from Hebel offer significant energy and maintenance savings over many ordinary block framing systems. Without additional insulation, a Hebel wall can reduce heating and cooling costs over ordinary insulating systems. This efficiency is due to a combination of high R-value, thermal mass, and air-tightness. AAC production is low in energy consumption and raw material usage. Manufacture produces no environmentally toxic by-products.

Kingston Block & Masonry Supply
December 2009
Pozzotive Plus CMUs & Concrete Block are manufactured using up to 30% post-consumer recycled glass as a portland cement substitute and an average of 50% post-consumer recycled masonry aggregrate from local sources in the Northeast. According to the manufacturer, compared to conventional CMUs and brick they require less energy to produce, are stronger, and have greater moisture and chemical resistance.

New World Stoneworks
December 2007
Artisan Stone is 100 percent natural granite and quartzite stone masonry, designed and precision cut using CADCAM and then hand-tooled. Each pre-cut stone is numbered according to the approved design plan. The project installs in 10 percent of the time required for normal masonry with no mess to clean up.

Performance Brick
March 2009
Performance Brick is a panelized facade product that is made of up to 60 percent recycled gypsum and is reinforced with high-density polymer materials. The moisture-resistant panels are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Overlapping and interlocking panels of Performance Brick are connected with a patented Fast Track system that provides up to a 3⁄4'' airspace behind each panel to allow for air flow and water drainage should any moisture infiltrate the panels.

Recycled Bricks and Pavers
CalStar Products
August 2011
CalStar Products uses a proprietary technology to produce bricks and pavers that incorporate 40% postindustrial recycled material. This allows CalStar to avoid the energy-intensive kiln firing required for clay bricks and pavers and the use of Portland cement in concrete pavers. As a result, Calstar uses 50–85% less energy in manufacturing and generates 85% less carbon dioxide.

Stone Source
December 2009
Made of meta-quartzite, a rare type of natural stone, Vegas Rock is the world’s first natural stone to receive Silver Cradle to Cradle certification from MBDC and produces zero waste in manufacturing. Available in three colors and finishes, the structurally sound stone can be used for landscaping, exterior cladding, exterior pavers, or any interior application including floors, walls, and kitchen counters. 

US Technology
July 2004
Made of 10 percent recycled thermoset high-strength plastic powder, Sealtech concrete masonry blocks are 10 percent lighter than, and have a two-hour fire rating, R value, and U value comparable to, standard concrete block. The water resistant blocks come in 16 colors in a split face or smooth finish in a standard 4'', 8'', and 12'' size.

Waste-free stone cutting
Architect Angelo Mangiarotti designed the roof of the IMM Carrara SPA headquarters using a new profiling machine that cuts curved stone with a diamond wire tool, eliminating process waste altogether. 323/879-0950. Italian Trade Commission, Los Angeles.

Xella Aircrete North America, Inc.
The company's autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks are is made from sand, water, and limestone. The raw materials are processed to create a structural building material with a large number of pores, known as aerated concrete. One unit of volume of the raw materials yield five units of volume of Ytong. Insulation value, due to pores, is high, while the product is light and easy to work with.