Division 32: Exterior Improvements

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ACO Polymer Products
July 2007
Made of 100 percent recycled plastic, GrassGrid reinforces grass areas to allow vehicle parking and traffic without excessive wear and erosion.

DuPont GreenVista Products
September 2005
DuPont GreenVista garden products are a new line of residential and professional landscape products launched at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando. DuPont’s Weed Control Fabric, the centerpiece of the new line, blocks weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from plants, while still allowing water, air, and nutrients to pass through to the plants’ roots. Common uses include placing the fabric under mulch, pebbles, stones, and rocks, beneath patios and walkways, under decking, around drains, or behind retaining walls. The fabric is guaranteed to last 15 years when properly installed and covered with 3'' to 4'' of mulch.

Other introductions in the line include Deer and Bird Netting designed to discourage unwanted deer and birds from eating delicate plants and shrubbery, and Landscape anchor pins that secure all types of DuPont landscape fabrics.

As part of a second product roll-out, DuPont introduced a protective GreenVista burlap to help control erosion, keep seeds and plants in place, hold moisture, and promote seed germination, as well as provide protection from harsh climate conditions. A biodegradable seed germination blanket made of excelsior wood fiber and mesh netting will help grass seed germinate and thrive.

January 2005
Ecomax is a modular pedestal tile system designed for rooftops, patio walkways, pool surrounds, and playground areas. A patented installation system makes Ecomax easy to reconfigure for non-adhered installations. The 2" x 2" footed tiles are available in two thicknesses, and produce excellent drainage properties and slip resistance for outdoor applications. Like all other Ecosurfaces products, Ecomax is made from high quality 100 percent recycled SBR tire rubber and colorful EPDM flecks.

Integrity Block
December 2008
CMU alternative Integrity Block is a compacted-earth block used as a cost-competitive replacement for concrete masonry units. Made from a proprietary  dye- and pigment-free soil mix that includes up to 60 percent pre-consumer recycled content, Integrity uses 40 percent less energy to produce and meets ASTM C-90 for load bearing CMUs. 

Iron Age Designs
April 2007
Formed by artisan foundry professionals, Iron Age Designs made its official debut at this year¹s World of Concrete show. The company creates a range of geometric and botanical patterned grates as well as customized decorative grates made of 80 to 100 percent post-consumer recycled iron. All grates fit industry standard size trench drain bodies and catch basins from major manufacturers and are designed to be ADA compliant. The company also offers custom castings including trench grates on a radius, tree grates, medallions, and manhole covers.

Permapave Industries
July 2007
Permapave Permeable pavers are used worldwide as a result of public concern about ecological and legal requirements that relate to stormwater management. Made from natural stone, the 100 percent porous pavers can help eliminate pollutants from waterways, recharge groundwater, and turn water waste into a positive feature. With a flow rate of up to 7.5 gallons per second per square foot, they can eliminate 100 percent of gross pollutants and an extremely high percentage of hydrocarbons.

Pine Hall Brick
December 2008
Rather than rush into overtaxed sewer drains, rain flows through StormPave Permeable Clay Pavers at an infiltration rate up to 50'' per hour.  Preserving natural water drainage with these traditional-looking bricks can qualify for a LEED stormwater design credit. The rose-colored paver also boasts 53 percent recycled content, as well as a solar reflective index above 29.

Stabilizer Solutions, Inc.
August 2001
Stabilizer binds aggregates together with a non-toxic powder derived from the byproducts of plantago (Indian wheat), and creates a pervious paving surface that looks and behaves like well-compacted aggregate. According to tests conducted by Stabilizer Solutions, Stabilizer paving can be 20 degrees cooler than asphalt, because its lighter color reflects light and reduces heat re-radiation.

Soil Stabilization Products Company
August 2001
Unlike asphalt, aggregate binders derived from plant byproducts don't contain petrochemicals, making them suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Road Oyl, a liquid binder made from pine pitch and rosin, combines with aggregate to form "Resin Pavement." This non-porous surface behaves much like asphalt yet has a slightly loose surface. It can be used for roads, parking lots and pathways.

Universal Forest Products
April 2003
In response to a demand for alternative composite products, Universal Forest Products has expanded its product mix to include XPotential Products, a line of recycled multi-purposeposts, landscape ties, and parking curbs made from recycled automobiles. Based in Canada,XPotential Products manufacture plastic components with 100 percent recycled materialsincluding the non-metallic by-product of recycled automobiles, including fabric, carpet, paint,foam, and post-consumer/industrial plastics. With a life expectancy of 75-100 years, according to the manufacturer, the products are designed to outlast and outperform concrete, reducing maintenance and replacement costs found with traditional concreteor wood alternatives. The composite has a shock absorbing capability that makes it less prone to chipping and cracking, and it will not twist, splinter, rot, or decay due to weather, pests, road salt, or chemicals. However, the flexural strength of the composite is less than that of wood, and it should not be substituted for wood products without regard to engineering considerations and testing for the intended application.