If walls could talk, they would probably beg to be dressed up in something with visual impact that was one-of-a-kind. Such is the inspiration behind Designtex’s digitally printed, customizable wall coverings. Launched this spring, the company’s Digital Walls program has the capability to inkjet-print bespoke imagery — logos, photos, environmental graphics — on a variety of ecofriendly substrates. Ideal for vertical applications ranging from acoustic panels to signage, the technology has been used to envision immersive, branded environments for hotels, hospitals, boutiques, and offices — including (appropriately) the New York headquarters of Corbis Images.
Now the company is utilizing the technology to launch a made-to- order wall-covering collection, debuting this month. Called Rinekwall for Designtex, the line was developed with California-based photographer John Rinek and his business partner, interior designer Dana Agamalian. “The project happened organically,” explains Designtex marketing director Caroline Vaughn. “John and Dana approached us as customers, looking for sustainable substrates on which to print his photographs large scale, and we embraced the opportunity for collaboration.” Adapted from Rinek’s vast image library, the 22 photorealistic patterns range from impressionistic florals to computer cables. The Type II wall coverings are printed with UV-curable inks on matte-finished, PVC-free Duraprene and customized to match the dimensions — and aspirations — of each installation. Designtex, New York, NY. www.designtex.com. circle 200