Each month RECORD reviews building product related web sites and blogs that might be of interest to our readership. We visit each site, kick the tires a bit, and share what it is about and how it functions. Please let us know if there is a site you've found particularly useful, well-designed, or easy to navigate. — Rita Catinella Orrell

Focused on teaching visitors about the concept of steam therapy and its many beauty and health benefits, the Mr. Steam site is intended more for consumers than professionals. However, in addition to featuring a quiz section, recipes, and a video featuring the product, the site does offer a comprehensive product section for its line of commercial and residential steam baths, including full pricing and spec information.

www.americanstandard-us.com/waterefficiency American Standard has launched two online tools that promote water conservation. The Water Savings Calculator is an interactive tool that allows users to estimate how many gallons of water, and how many dollars, they can save by converting to various water-efficient fixtures and faucets. The Rebate Locator provides a current listing of water conservation rebates available.

In a time of war, it’s no surprise that Spacesaver’s newest Web site is dedicated to showcasing how its products can help military personnel save time and space and deliver more organized and secured storage environments. The site features descriptions of Spacesaver’s full line of military storage solutions as well as real-world examples of how those products are being applied.


energy PPG Industries has introduced an online tool that enables architects, specifiers, and building owners to compare the relative energy and environmental performance of common architectural glazings on prototypical buildings. The tool features calculations made according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s most sophisticated energy-modeling programs. Users can select from 12 North American cities.