Tiles rule at Cevisama, which celebrated its 25th year in 2007. Bringing together more than 1,000 exhibitors, the Valencia trade show displayed dimension-defying ceramics—from high-tech decorative to metal and textile look-alikes. These days with tile, anything is possible. - Jane F. Kolleeny

Apavisa’s Inox Collection of tiles, featuring a porcelain with the appearance of steel (but without its material limitations) is mono calibrated and stable against changes in temperature. Available in silver, chrome, copper, and gold (shown), in 23.6'' square and 11.8'' x 23.6''. San Juan de Moro, Spain. www.apavisa.com

[Reader Service: June 2007 #201]


Fanciful facades
Emotile by Ceracasa leads the way in mural-like imagery. Displaying reproduced photographs using ink-jet technology, these large-format tiles enliven functional facades. Tiles come 19.3'' square, 12.4'' x 25'', and 19.3'' x 38.7'' rectified (matte, antislip, or satin finishes), 11.8'' x 24.5'' rectified, and 15.5''-square rectified. Surfaces, Miami. www.ceracasa.com

[Reader Service: June 2007 #202]


The look of nature
Using IPlus digital technology, Inalco applies superb craftsmanship to create tiles reproducing the quality of other materials, such as the stonelike Cuarcita, available in formats from 17.7'' x 35.9'' to 17.7'' square, with borders and mesh-mounted wall tiles in three colors: Crema, Nuez, and Piedra. Intertile Corporation, Hialeah, Fla. www.inalco.es

[Reader Service: June 2007 #203]


Tiny geometries
Tau’s new natural and polished Carbono Series, designed in 23.6'' square, is modeled after high-tech materials of the aeronautical industry. Carbon fibers, five times thinner than a human hair, mold together to create a high-strength polymer-textured metallic enamel product. Castellon, Spain. www.tauceramic.com

[Reader Service: June 2007 #204]

Tiles with grooves
Tres Estilos presents its spin on relief and textured wall tile with its Ecology Dimensions Collection. Suitable for exteriors and commercial spaces, tiles come in a 12''-square size. Tres Estilos, San Juan de Moro, Spain. www.tresestilos.com

[Reader Service: June 2007 #205]

Fabulous fabrications
Gaya presents the Lynx Series of floor tiles (shown) with the luxurious look of leather. And from the Fussion Collection comes a variety of wall tiles measuring 12.5'' x 18'', with decorative listellos in sizes from 1¼2'' x 121¼2'' to 2'' x 121¼2'', available in four colors. Castellon, Spain. www.gaya.es

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