While not every exhibitor displayed LEDs at this year’s Lightfair International, held in New York City in early May, the energy-efficient systems were the stars of the show. Below we highlight both LED and non-LED standouts
- Rita Catinella Orrell

Modular mindset
Marrakesh is a new modular LED lighting system that is ready to ship from Mindspring. Inspired by Mediterranean Art, the modularity of the energy- efficient system allows for ease of assembly and artistic freedom. An unlimited number of modules can be combined, giving the designer total flexibility in terms of size and shape; for example, stacking two completed units can create 3D designs. The completed unit can be suspended from the ceiling or wall or be incorporated into the flooring. Mindspring, Taipei, Taiwan. www.mindspring-lighting.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #215]


Gears of light
The three-armed Gear 3 fixture, designed by Xenon Architectural Lighting and Carsten Kiselowsky, works well solo or in a series. The light features an aluminum body, a white or gray finish, and a satin-finished acrylic cover. Three 14-watt dimmable lamps provide a gentle, even illumination of the surrounding area, while the three-point cable suspension and the transparent 79''-long power cable make adjustments simple and flexible. Xenon Light, New York City. www.xal.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #216]


Small profile track
Tangent is the smallest profile line-voltage track-lighting system on the market, according to Lightolier. Tangent combines extruded aluminum and clear polycarbonate into a low-profile track system that utilizes low voltage MR16 and T4 bipin lamps, as well as line-voltage ES16 and G9 lamps. Ideal for commercial, retail, and residential applications, Tangent can be used in straight run arrangements or bent into architectural curves. Unlike other systems, Tangent’s “side-by-side” busbar design allows the track to be surface-mounted flush to ceilings and walls. Lightolier, Fall River, Mass. www.lightolier.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #217]


Edgy new LED modules
Linearlight Multi Flex LED modules are ideal for edge lighting transparent materials and provide a solution for precise backlighting of complex contours. The modules have a service life of 50,000 hours and provide an alternative choice for indoor or outdoor linear applications such as cove lighting, refrigeration cases, and pathway marking. The LEDs are also suited for lifesaving/rescue sign lights and commercial signs, as well as marking contours such as escape routes, borders, and stairs. Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Mass. www.sylvania.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #218]

Finding the way in the dark
At the show, Philips launched a range of LED fixtures including a Linear luminaire (bottom) that can illuminate the facades and surfaces of buildings, bridges, monuments, and other structures with curtains of light. With 55 to 65 lumens of light output, StumbleLight (top) is a motion-activated night guiding light designed to turn on when a hotel guest steps out of bed, preventing the need to turn on bright room lighting that could disrupt a full night’s sleep. Philips, Somerset, N.J. www.philips.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #219]

LED panel displays
The LC series is a semitransparent, modular system of LED panels, ideal for displaying film, digital images, and graphics for stage, TV studio, and commercial applications. The extremely bright units offer true RGB possibilities and feature a calibration system that ensures output is always balanced and uniform. The 39.4''-long system is 4.3'' wide and comes in a 391¼2'' or 79'' heights. A Genlock feature prevents light-flicker in TV applications, and units can be evenly joined for a seamless image. Martin Architectural, Sunrise, Fla. www.martinarchitectural.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #220]

Health-care chart/reading lights
Circadian LED Series is a new family of LED nightlights and chart/reading lights from Cooper Lighting that offer an energy-efficient, low-glare solution for aiding nighttime navigation. The night-lights feature white, red, or amber LEDs, that bring low-level illumination to small areas without disturbing sleep. Recent studies have found that these colors can complement a person’s circadian rhythm, says the manufacturer. Cooper Lighting, Peachtree City, Ga. www.cooperlighting.com

[Reader Service: August 2007 #221]

Quicker install for back lighting
The Tetra PowerGrid LED lighting system addresses the need to simplify and speed the installation of energy- efficient, high-brightness LEDs in large-scale back-lighting applications such as cabinet and box signs. The system features an easy-to-handle, interlinking module design. Lasting up to 50,000 hours, the system delivers four times the rated life of a standard T12 HO fluorescent systems (12,000 hour median life rating). Available prewired, it also consists of fewer parts than standard fluorescent systems. Lumination, Cleveland. www.led.com

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