The premier exhibition of tile and stone in the U.S., this year’s Coverings, held April 29 to May 2, showcased an innovative mix from the world’s top producers featuring larger formats, color-through bodies, digitally printed patterning, textural surfaces, recycled glass, and advanced glazing.  - Linda C. Lentz
24" square, Penthouse porcelain floor tiles

What goes around
Nearly 24" square, Penthouse porcelain floor tiles feature overlapping 1⁄4 circles enhanced by a textural metallic glaze that combine to form a large-scale circular patterning in four dual-toned colorways. Viva, Sassuolo, Italy.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #206]

Porcelain floor tile

A natural approach
Based on a single stone, the Basaltina Stone Project is a series made up of three sizes: 47.2" x 23.6", 23.6" square, and 11.8" x 23.6". Available in a natural tone and shades of gray, plus smooth or chiseled nonslip textures, this porcelain floor tile can work for interior and exterior installations. Lea Ceramiche, Fiorano Modenese, Italy.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #207]


Thin is in
At .12'' thick, Lam’Slab is an advanced ceramic offered in a variety of colors that can be bonded to other materials and cut to suit many interior and exterior applications: ventilated facades, walls, floors, counters, and furniture. Laminam, Fiorano Modenese, Italy.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #208]

Gregoriana Stone honed-brick mosaic

Elegant formations
Intentionally irregular, the handcrafted, mesh-mount Gregoriana Stone honed-brick mosaics are part of an extensive through-body porcelain collection that is available in three shades. The collection also includes pencil listellos in glass, stainless steel, and mirror, plus stair treads, corners, cove bases, and skirting. Seneca Tiles, Attica, Ohio.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #209]

Keraben’s high-gloss Tribeca wall tiles

Awash with color
A natural for baths, Keraben’s high-gloss Tribeca comes in 12.6" x 23.2" and 3" x 23.2" wall tiles and 12.6"-square floor tiles, plus mosaic listellos in gray, turquoise, and an orangey red. Tile of Spain Center, Trade Commission of Spain, Coral Gables, Fla.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #210]

Green glass
In 15 luminous hues, and clear, iridescent, and frosted-matte finishes, Echo Recycled Glass tile has up to 100 percent recycled content. Sizes include 1" square, 1" x 3", 2" square, 2" x 4", and listellos. Crossville, Crossville, Tenn.

[Reader Service: October 2008 #211]