Project Specs

BIP Computer Building
Santiago, Chile
Mozó & Pontavice Studio

the People

Architect: Mozó & Pontavice Studio

Design team: Alberto Mozó, Francisca Cifuentes, Mauricio Leal

Engineers: Juan Lopez Ingenieros (structural);
Gastón Villaroel (electrical)

General contractor: Arauco + Constructora

Photographer: © Cristobal Palma


the Products

Structural System:

The principal materials is Pine wood (laminated) the Company name is Arauco S.A

The glass company is , and we used a double glass panel.

Inside or beetween both galsses ( windows) we put a kind of polyester wool, we called napa and we use it in clothing, it`s an insulating material (thermical)
it 's an invention.